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  1. If you touch me just one more time, I'll...I'll.... I'll touch you back Burt Reynold's impersonator.
  2. Damn these kids and their toys! I only moved in for the free cable but, I....AM.....OUTTA HERE!
  3. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?...He sure can cut a rug cain't he? http://theworkofjasongibson.blogspot.com/
  4. Thanks Sol! I dig yours as well. This show is awesome! It gets me through my 24 hours of working for the man.
  5. No way grandpa! Knock your own coffin off the stand!!!!!
  6. David Cop-a-Feel is my magician name, they call me Pokey in prison.
  7. If you toss my salad....I'll throw you a bone.
  8. "God damn it! I asked for Transformers and you bring me Gobots? You're breaking my balls here!"
  9. "I used to have a dream then I woke up and realized my grandmother turned off my breathing machine."
  10. JasonGibson

    Episode 239 — New Dad

    Great episode! Being a dad, I could totally relate to wanting to raise my child up as a clone of myself. "Daddy" is a great name for a precious little girl. I really hope Scott can relate one day to being a new dad but, I feel he's going to have to live through others. One day though, I think Scott should borrow a baby, maybe a month old one and just take it home, leave it lying around the house, wash it off maybe, feed it...just see what it's like to have one around.
  11. If you've come here for comedy, then you're in the right place....if you've come here to talk politics, then G T F O ya wacko!
  12. Where we use beef jerky to keep our pants up and snack on leather belts.
  13. Ain't no potty, like a port-a-potty cause the port-a-potty don't stop up! - Am I right? I think so, yeah, cuz port-a-potty's don't flush..........I'll go ahead and shut my face up now. :|