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    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Ahhhh, I agree with June, that poor bastard, her father. Probably stole that airplane or won it in some shady poker game or something. And even if he had an airplane he wouldn't even go through all the flying lessons, he'd spend half the flying lessons money on booze and cheap prostitutes, like all poor people do. No wonder he crashed that plane, oh my goodness, these fucking poor people.
  2. IHugKittens

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    Also I love how at some point the movie suddenly switched to a bizarre neo-noir vibe with Kirsty Alley being the classical femme fatale, complete with the expected femme fatale haircut and the chain smoking smoking and stuff... And then she dies.
  3. IHugKittens

    EPISODE 114 — Runaway

    OK, am I the only one who actually thought "WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING TOM SELLECK IN YOUR FILM IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO SHOW HIM SHIRTLESS?" Anyone else thought that?
  4. Something that happened to me today suddenly reminded me of this movie. Have you seen it with the Rifftrax commentary on? If not, I recommend it, I have, like 4 times, matter of fact I don't think I could have watched the entire thing without Rifftrax... Or maybe I am just weird. Okay, so today at work someone had a radio playing John Lennon's Imagine for some reason and I caught myself silently singing along "Imagine all the eagles pecking out your eyes..." as seen in this video: Then I realized what I was doing and kind of started to pretend I was couching while looking around and thank god, I think no one had heard me.
  5. IHugKittens

    Shoot 'em Up (2007)

    SPOILERS! Forget carrots, a man grabs bullets and sticks his hand in a fire so the bullets shoot out of their shells and kill another man! I love his movie!
  6. IHugKittens

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    I decided to check out Ernest Goes To Africa... Remember when they said it's not as racist as you would expect.... wellllllllll....... ...i disagree.
  7. IHugKittens

    Episode 97 — Rhinestone: LIVE!

    Wait, why is the cat pregnant?
  8. IHugKittens

    Son of the Mask (2005)

    Why does Jamie Kennedy exist in the Universe?
  9. IHugKittens

    Swordfish (2001)

    Oh god, this movie... I like to imagine that John Travolta just said "you know what, fuck it.." and put on his wig from Pulp Fiction.
  10. IHugKittens


    I apologize.
  11. IHugKittens


    Actually I have to admit that out of all the shitty shitty shit Adam Sandler has thrown at us over the years, this movie and Punch Drunk Love were the only ones I could bear watching and kind of enjoyed.
  12. IHugKittens


    I don't want to watch this movie. Movies like this depress me in the worst way possible. Like... there's depressing and depressing. Dancer In The Dark is depressing in a way that it makes me really sad. Movies like "LOL" are depressing in a way that make me feel terrible about human civilization the world that I live in. I do not want to watch this movie.
  13. IHugKittens

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Exactly my biggest issue, villains become villains just like that, for no reason at all, except just so they can be evil. At least in the Sam Raimi Spider-man films they had SOME depth and motivation. Also SPOILERS, what is up with the Doc Oc tentacles and all that stuff revealed at the end? Does that mean in the sequels super villains will have even less character development, just random people with bionic stuff stuck to them?
  14. IHugKittens

    Saving Christmas (2014)

    So we have Ray Comfort AKA "banana man", we have that other "dinosaurs are dragons!" weirdo AND of course crazy person extraordinaire Kirk Cameron. Only thing that photo is missing is a Hovind to make the quartet of terrible complete.
  15. IHugKittens

    Episode 87 — Easy Rider 2: The Ride Back

    Holy shit, X - Japan?! I completely forgot about these guys, I used to love them, they had some kickass songs. But yeah, terrible cover.