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  1. Scott made a fucking Admiral Thrawn reference. Who does he think he is, Matt Gourley?
  2. Oh the way Glenn Miller played songs that made the hit parade. Guys like us we had it made...also, I'm gay.
  3. VajayjayLeno

    Episode 402 - Solo Bolo Trolo

    I was worried this wouldn't live up to the hype, but these two are the best, sexiest cumfucks ever.
  4. Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, is just the Bizarro Garfield. He hates lasagna!
  5. VajayjayLeno

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    This is an episode where, by the end, I couldn't decide if Gilbert should be on every week or banned from the show. He was hilarious. Dangerously hilarious- I was driving while listening and around the fourth time he interjected with a sitcom I was making a left turn and laughed so hard I got into a coughing fit and almost wrecked myself. But man, I felt so bad for Adomian, who I mean...we all know he's having issues with podcasts these days, so having to deal with Gottfried when he finally comes back to CBB and he's there to really promote his current show sort of sucks a lot, right? I think Atamaniuk was having an easier time with it, just because Trump is an easier character to play off Gilbert. James was pretty much stuck in a position of trying to get out of playing the straight man to those two while remaining in character. But, it was an uproariously funny episode anyway so whatever I guess. I'd be happy to go see Trump vs. Bernie if it ever came around my neighborhood too, just to see those two go at it live, without discussing sitcom episodes.
  6. Can't decide between Fernwood Tonight or Mary Hartman? Martin Mull it over!
  7. Look, lady, you're no Uatu the Watcher yourself.
  8. Call me a wampa, because I'm too Hoth to handle.
  9. VajayjayLeno

    EPISODE 31 - Wine Tasting

    My only exposure to Bruce was watching KITH over and over obsessively, so it was an utter delight to hear him be exactly as fun and weird as I wanted him to actually be.
  10. VajayjayLeno

    EPISODE 382 — Doing It The Savage Way

    With so many Savages, it's a veritable Savage Garden!
  11. This episode was fantastic, but the Leesa commercial was actually the funniest part to me, somehow. Tompkins, you've done it again.
  12. VajayjayLeno

    EPISODE 379 — Realies and Fictionals

    With an arrow pointing down
  13. VajayjayLeno

    EPISODE 378 — Mailer Daemon

    How did they get through this ep without saying "Hey-Nick Man" to Kroll?
  14. When I'm on the road, staring down a long stretch of asphalt, it's all content to me, baby.
  15. I never fast forward through ads (though HDTGM is testing my patience lately) least of all Paul's. Though, I mean, part of that is that I listen while driving so fast forwarding through an ad while on the highway is probably a bad idea.