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    First female woman president tHillary clinton walks into a bar "Every body stand up I'm gonna kill everyone last one of you in here" :Dontald Truml" Id dont think about that toots, violence is only the answe in the oust extreme cases, " "Who in the fuck asked you white bitch? I am femal president hilary and I am in charge now." "I think you're gonna find the people, the american people by the way, might have something to say about that" "Oh do they, not before I kill them"
  2. kindlerslist

    hyuk hyuk hyuk

    hyuk hyuk hyuk
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  4. kindlerslist

    Oops, I charted.

    Oops, I charted.
  5. Bing bong ching chong, I'm Scott Ding Dong
  6. I mean, I've heard of Metal Gear Solid, but Metal Gear Solid Five?
  7. kindlerslist


    Turned up the volume...thing are about 2 get wild.
  8. You may think Conan is tall, but Andy Richter is tall too, he is a very tall man.
  9. Oops, I'm farting a lot of shit out of my asshole
  10. Oops, I'm sad right now.
  11. kindlerslist

    Harris wittle is good at jokes

    Four on the floor...its a foam corner. RIP Harris.
  12. American Sniper, more like American Diaper! When does that guy poop?
  13. kindlerslist

    Harris wittle is good at jokes

    Shut your face Threepwood