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    First female woman president tHillary clinton walks into a bar "Every body stand up I'm gonna kill everyone last one of you in here" :Dontald Truml" Id dont think about that toots, violence is only the answe in the oust extreme cases, " "Who in the fuck asked you white bitch? I am femal president hilary and I am in charge now." "I think you're gonna find the people, the american people by the way, might have something to say about that" "Oh do they, not before I kill them"
  2. I mean, I've heard of Metal Gear Solid, but Metal Gear Solid Five?
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    hyuk hyuk hyuk

    hyuk hyuk hyuk
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    Oops, I charted.

    Oops, I charted.
  6. Bing bong ching chong, I'm Scott Ding Dong
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    Turned up the volume...thing are about 2 get wild.
  8. Ahh, I love the sound of "Nasim Pedrad" in the morning
  9. You may think Conan is tall, but Andy Richter is tall too, he is a very tall man.
  10. Oops, I'm farting a lot of shit out of my asshole
  11. Oops, I'm sad right now.
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    Harris wittle is good at jokes

    Four on the floor...its a foam corner. RIP Harris.
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    Harris wittle is good at jokes

    Wow, he is good at jokes. Thank you.
  14. American Sniper, more like American Diaper! When does that guy poop?
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    Harris wittle is good at jokes

    Shut your face Threepwood
  16. You know, my wife kulap says she loves me, but I think she just loves MY GIANT COCK! OH YEAH *High fives guests at table*
  17. 2015 is the year of the show, Mr. Show, that is.
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    Harris wittle is good at jokes

    Wow, Dr Genius over here thought up a joke, hey stick to your day job pal.
  19. That is some weird, wild stuff. That is some wild, wild stuff. Burbank is not as good as other places. That is some weird stuff.
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    Jimmy Pardo's Laugh

    Jimmy Pardo's Laugh
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    No Kokomo or anything but I love The Beach Boys!

    you're a bad, bad man.
  22. Oops I crapped my pants, haha, that's a funny sketch that I like.
  23. On Today's MythBusters, Evolution.