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  1. This was a fun episode! The phone sex and the humidifier return scene were very funny to me. I had my headphones on while listening and during the humidifer return scene there is a laugh that sounds just like Amy Poehler's. That's boarderline interesting, right?! Anyway, the Sarah Palin 'crap on youtube' was a good example of what works on the podcast for that segment! The arm wrestling screamer thing was awful to listen to. I suppose there was a live audience there for this episode but listening there was very little context as to what was happening. Thomas mentioned he had watched it before hand, I think it'd be good when picking clips in the future to think about if something is more visual than audible when picking the clips; when posting them too! This was a nice episode overall. Ian is great on the show.
  2. gonzo

    EPISODE 334 — The Dream Team

    Anyone planning on purchasing HITS? Or has anyone seen it yet? I would like to read some reviews first, the cast is pretty darn good! Matt Walsh being over Corny Grandpa was pretty funny. I also enjoyed that Scott called David out on his party poopering of Would You Rather.
  3. I agree with TerribleUsername's initial reaction on the episode. I am happy to read that so many are lovin' it, that is great! It for sure was a planned bit which is okay, I just have seen a bunch of Whiplash parodies already (Collegehumor, SNL, Above Average). I felt like it didn't utilize all the great improvisers on the show as much as I had hoped. Stephanie Allynne, Mookie Blaiklock, Paul Rust and Neil Campbell make up a great line-up, but they didn't get to improvise much which I found disappointing, I think they were boxed in and cut off to service the Whiplash parody, which just wasn't interesting to me. I am probably in the minority and I am not against I4H trying new things, this just fell slightly flat for me personally. No big deal, As usual, I look forward to next week's episode.
  4. Quick question for Matt Besser, is there any chance for another Asssscat DVD? I really enjoy the one out now and the commentary track is such a great education in long-form, it was fantasitc. The book is of course great. The cool thing with the DVD is it's also a visual lesson. You see the comedy, laugh and enjoy it and then get the break down with the commentary. Seeing another DVD for entertainment purposes alone would be awesome! Maybe instead there could be a release of an Improv4Humans special on to DVD? Any thoughts on this, Matt? Or would anyone else on these forums love to see more Matt Besser driven improv on DVD? I realize making something like this costs money and all, but I'm curious if this is something that is thought about or a possibility. Thanks!
  5. Here is something you may have seen but it is more audio than visual. It's Susanna Reid (entertainment reporter) asking Dan Stevens (an actor) about getting a new role ("beating off" the compition). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZe777oON8w
  6. Broken link now. I'll post to a different link. Sorry. See below.
  7. gonzo

    Guest suggestions

    Yeah, I agree, Dave Theune is very funny! He'd be great to have again. I'd also like to request: Johnny Meeks, Brian Gallivan, Julie Brister, Joe Wengert, Suzi Barrett and Jim Woods!