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  1. Gay dong man, I'm a straight Compton man, so please put away your hey long glans.
  2. It's true what they say about Scott Aukerman, but it's also not true what they don't say about him. Unless, of course, they do say it.
  3. I could have started with "I should have", but alas, this sentence is, as of now, over.
  4. RafaelRabello

    echo in here much?

    "Echo in here much? Echo in here much? Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang. Ooh, Thanks, thevoblex for that interesting catchphrase." ...Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang. Ooh, Thanks, thevoblex, for that interesting catchphrase.
  5. Speaking of city-slickin' avi-tars, my avatar keeps getting deleted. What gives? Also, how can I make damn sure Scott reads this next episode? It's just too perfect.
  6. RafaelRabello

    When Life Hands You Salsa Merdé...

    Shame about that spelling, though. You just had to put the "é"...
  7. I don't care about your hysterectomies and your city-slicking words; you owe me a well-endowed son and you owe me one now!
  8. I really like this catchphrase. Almost as much as Walter White likes chemicals.
  9. she could be lying about her age. Also, if you're listening to this show, this is a catch phrase. Scott's gonna basically repeat what I'm already saying here, but just be patient with him. Seriously, he will just pretend this is the most normal thing ever. He's very predictable sometimes, but we still love him, in the way one loves a three-legged lab-retriever: sincerely, but, you know. The poor thing.
  10. My name is Stephen Hawking, and this is my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Just sitting here and being me. Not so fun now, is it?
  11. RafaelRabello

    The boys call me Subway

    Sounds like you haven't been "fresh" in a while, if you ask me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have it my way at the weekly dumpster circle jerk behind BK, where the meat isn't always fresh--but it's always crusty.
  12. RafaelRabello

    There are two kinds of people in this world.

    Those who assume there's a second part to this, and those who deny the Holocaust.
  13. What do you think happens to the cat after an hour? Is it dead or alive? The answer is, it's neither. It’s gone. The universe erased it because it doesn’t like tricks. Alright? That’s why there are laws of physics.
  14. Let me ask you this. If you can kill a baby before birth, can you kill a child before noon? I mean--you seem well-equipped. Winky face, crotch rub.
  15. "Quit while you're a head," said the man to his penis, "We don't want another case of 'Wreck-Tile Destruction!'" ...Alas, RIP, my tiles.