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  1. Welcome to another edition...(Go get them Scotty! Show still rocks and you're doing great!)
  2. Welcome to another edition of Comedy Bang! Bang!...
  3. AstronomicalCat

    Butts a'matter with you!

    Thank you AstronomicalCat for the catchphrase submission. Hello and welcome to another edition of Comedy-BANG-bang. This is your host, Scotty Auks on the ones and twos. And across from me... the love of my life... the only bee in my bonnet...
  4. Welcome to another edition of Comedy Bang! Bang! O'Clock! It's that time again for Comedy. That's capital 'C' Comedy for you folks at home. I, Scott Aukerman, your intrepid host, would never waste your time with lowercase comedy. FOR THE BRAGGARTS I SAY TO YOU! Jesus christ, Astronomical Cat, that was the worst one yet ;;
  5. Welcome to another edition of Comedy Bang Bang O'Clock. Ding dong. Who's that? It was Astronomical Cat with another stellar catchphrase. And who's this now? It's Scott Aukerman. Your host. Your friend---an ally in the dark and a monster on the dance floor.
  6. Welcome to Comedy Bang!Bang!(In Your Mouth!)
  7. AstronomicalCat

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    In the eternal words of Scooter, It's good to be back.. w-w-w-w-ith K-k-kid Detectives. I love those Irish twins.
  8. AstronomicalCat

    Episode 404 - The Timeys Leap Year Celebration

  9. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang! (In Case of Emergency)
  10. Welcome To Comedy Bang! Bang! (In Your Arms Tonight)
  11. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang! (In Your Mouth)
  12. Welcome To Comedy Bang!Bang!(In Your Mouth)
  13. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!(In Your Mouth)
  14. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!(In Your Mouth)