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Ever since the gang did Cobra, I've been hoping that they'd get around to Cliffhanger. All the insanity of Cobra and more, plus we get John Lithgow going crazy, the most dysfunctional group of hijackers I've ever seen, and the best first five minutes of any 90's action flick.


Honestly, the first five minutes, just wow. So I saw this film when it first came out, and wasn't expecting much out of the first scene where they're taking Rooker and his girlfriend off the mountain. My interest was piqued though when her harness breaks and she starts to fall but I figured, "nah, they're going to rescue her." I was pleasantly surprised when the film did kill her off but had to wait until the film came out on VHS for me to confirm the best part. If you look at the old helicopter pilot during the tense scene when Sly is trying to rescue the girl, he's got a huge smile on his face, and when she finally falls, the camera cuts to him and he busts out laughing!


Why this doesn't get more play I'll never know, but every person I've shown this scene to reacts with the same disbelief and "what the fuck?" attitude.



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This was on the free movies channel tonight and OMG I FORGOT HOW AMAZING IT WAS. Stallone kills a dude by squishing his testicles and impaling him with a stalactite. That's right, he impales him with the kind that hang FROM THE CEILING. Oh and John Lithgow basically murders everyone Michael Rooker knows right in front of him, while he slow-motion runs toward them.

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Gotta bring this up because although it's one of Sylvester Stallone's better movies, there's still an amount of weird stuff going on that the hosts really need to touch upon! Also, John Lithgow's iffy English accent.

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Much needed bump for Cliffhanger, this movie is the perfect mixture of bad and wonderful that it could make for a very fun episode.

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