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Imagine a world where magic, barbarians, amazons, and ninjas are all real. Now imagine that world populated only by porn stars and circus freaks. This is the world our film presents. It has nothing to do with Deathstalker 1, 3, or 4, nor is it any kind of sequel to Barbarian Queen, even though it uses a lot of the same footage. It doesn't even have any titans in it. With great pleasure, I submit for your consideration my favorite sword and sorcery epic/cash grab:





Directed by Jim Wynorski (94 directorial credits including such classics as Dinocrock vs. Supergator, The Da Vinci Coed, and The Bare Wench Project 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)


Produced by Frank K. Issac (Beastmaster, Barbarian Queen), Héctor Olivera (The Warrior and the Sorceress, Deathstalker), and Roger Fucking Corman.




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Really, any Deathstalker film would qualify. I'd call them "Conan meets The Beastmaster with boobs in place of animals."


"The B( r )eastmaster"

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I agree, any Deathstalker would be great. I say we start at the beginning though.


A movie where consensual sex is non existent.


A giant, disgusting pig man is requested to rape a princess.


The antagonist is ripped apart by 4 horses. The movie ends 5 seconds later with no further resolution.


A sorcerer who transforms into a lady is discovered after being penetrated by our protagonist.


This needs to be done.

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