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Episode 73 — Congo

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"These monkeys don't know which way is up!" - June Diane Raphael


Best moment in podcast history.


Monkeys don't care which way is up. They only care about any which way you can.

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They did talk about that part, it's where they're joking about Laura Linney having such good aim and then someone points out that the missiles are heat-seeking.


Geez. My brain not only wiped most of the movie, but most of its roasting!


Somehow, the idea that a single hand flare being enough to fool missiles 100% of the time struck me as the silliest part of this movie.


You'd think with all the money this hi tech company was throwing around, it would have been a lot easier to just bribe the Zaire military for safe passage.

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The amount of anger that builds in Jason's 1880s payphone voice at Dr. Peter for not being more compassionate about those grey gorillas was amazing. That was some June vs monkey shines animal handlers level insanity.

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