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Episode 8 — Who’s Got My Goo Balls?

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Hey Harris, here's some advice: Nobody who isn't already a Phishhead wants to hear live Phish. Play the studio songs! The guests will still most likely hate a lot of it, so the show won't suffer, but there's a much better chance they will like at least some. Especially if you're going to play their "composed" songs. Why would you play a complicated composition with somewhat shitty quality and a bunch of mistakes when there's a perfectly recorded version available.


THIS. Am I the only one to bring up how insane it is that he hasn't played Stash yet? Only song I've heard from Phish that I genuinely like - not to mention that it actually sounds like a real song. Love this tune so much.



It creates such a cool mood and vibe, and is just shy of being the overly glib stuff that turns people off. It actually creates a big, minor key..."mood" by the end of the song. Everything else I've heard from Phish, it's all in major key or goofy modes of major keys, which doesn't really help make the goofy twee lyrics come across any better, esp if they're being sung live. This song sounds...playful?


I imagine that they end up creating similar "vibes" at a live show, if you're in for the long haul on a 10-20 minute song/jam, but...

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Would it possible to have a studio album show? like a Junta episode or a Hoist episode where ya play the album. don't pause or skip, talking over the music is cool but let the guys develop listening momentum. Just an idea...


Love the show!


P.S. for all the naysayers out there, no band has done more for multiple musical genre appreciation than Phish...

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I realize I'm coming to the Analyze Phish party late (Earwolf has so many good shows, it's taken me a while to catch up).

I had a roomate in college who was a Phish fan/fratbro/filthy POS who never did laundry, and all of his clothes reeked like BO, pot, stale beer, and I'm pretty sure piss. You could smell his pile of filth through the closed door in the hallway, effectively reducing the chance of me bringing a woman back to my place to ZERO.

As a result, I hated Phish for decades.



Jumpcut to yesterday... I'm walking around Costco singing "Caesar with a tweezer..." to myself.


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Funny episode.


Bless your heart Harris.


This happens to me endlessly - I have stuff I listen to on my own that I love and then I play it with a hater and it bombs, and even I have to agree that it sounds off.


Anywho, seems like you almost had him and just need to focus on the extremely tight moments where Trey is clearly out front and peaking - hopefully you can find a 97 hood 3/4s of the way in that gets it done.


oh and Miles' Jack Johnson is worth a listen. Where Phish differentiates and becomes essential is with their complete control and ability to go in and out of Jack Johnson type spaces, and then shamelessy bring them to a peak. I can love Miles for hours but sometimes I just want it to go over the top. Phish's ability to demand a peak is unprecedented and is part of the reason we are all so hooked (and forgiving of the lesser moments).


keep trying.

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In the latest U Talkin' U2 to Me, Scott mentioned that the audio from the Hollywood Bowl has been edited and they will record a new episode soon!

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I just noticed the description for this episode states that Tom Scharpling "could care less about Phish but is certainly open to change his mind" rather than "couldn't care less". A pedantic thing to point out. I am sorry. :rolleyes:

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