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Sex Lives of the Potato Men

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The name really says it all. This is a real British film from 2004 and here are some of the reviews:


Here is the Wikipedia summary (note there is no plot summary or anything, just hateful reviews):

The film was condemned by most film critics for being crude and tasteless. The Times review called it "one of the two most nauseous films ever made"[1] Christopher Tookey in The Daily Mail called Sex Lives of the Potato Men "the most shamefully inept, witless and repulsive British comedy that I have ever had the misfortune to see".[2] Writer Will Self, writing for The Evening Standard, called Sex Lives of the Potato Men "mirthless, worthless, toothless, useless", while Johnny Vaughan in The Sun stated in his review "The mind boggles as to how this movie actually got made." [3] Kevin O'Sullivan in The Daily Mirror called Sex Lives of the Potato Men "one of the worst films ever made".[4] Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian wrote "it's a film which isn't in the slightest bit funny or sexy, and is deeply depressing. It also diminishes the reputation of many excellent TV comics, who are made to look tawdry and naff up there on the big screen in an echoing cinema".[5] It was also controversial in that nearly £1 million of public money from the National Lottery via the UK Film Council was used to fund the project.[6] Nigel Andrews in theFinancial Times, criticised the use of Lottery funding for the film.[3]

Years after the film was released, Sex Lives of the Potato Men was still specified by film critics as an unusually bad film. TheBirmingham Post described it as "quite possibly the worst film ever made",[7] while The Independent on Sunday stated "Sex Lives of the Potato Men" was "a strong contender for the title of worst film of all time".[8]



It's really quite disgusting, and Johnny Vegas is one of the most vile men alive. I would love to hear June's reaction to this one, as it is just so f'n gross.

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I haven't seen it, but will defend Johnny Vegas after his amazing rant at the audience during the British Comedy Awards last month. He is truly someone who does not give a fuck.

Starts at 4:00, but worth watching from the start.

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This was what I was going to suggest. A 70's sex comedy that somehow got made in the 2000s with government funding. The fact that Johnny Vegas is still giving interviews in 2013 justifying his decision to be in it kind of says it all about just how legendarily bad it was.

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If this was done it would be the most joyless episode of HDTGM ever. There is no fun to be had from watching or discussing this unless you get Johnny Vegas as a special guest. The director did write a piece defending it http://www.theguardian.com/film/2004/feb/27/2 The crux of his argument is that you only hate it because you're middle class and you have no right to criticise my film unless you are working class.

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