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Episode 19 — Adam DeVine, Our Close Friend

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I made a gmail account: valerie.ann.bryant@gmail.com


I'm with you, Bruce. Okay, it's very weird to refer to you by just your first name.


You other bruisers need to check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.


Please! Call me brillo pad? I added you to my circles, so we're one step closer to drinking with burdrulz on google! Everyone one is invited, even The Narnold and Erika Thompson. Greggy can come if he comes in full clown garb. Sean and Hayes, I think it would be in-excusable for some big shots like you to join in, so my invite for you guys it totes redacted.

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@Andy- Congrats on getting your plug theme on CBB. Sorry that they wasted that "riff zone"

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