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Episode 144 — Sensory Science

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Have you ever wondered if you have synesthesia or if you are a super taster? Sensory science expert Corey Beilstine joins the Blastoff crew to test the gang with certain taste and smell experiments and teach us all a little about how the science of our senses works. This episode also includes a baby announcement and a great celebrity story!

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Great episode, really cool topic and good guests. I got curious during last week's episode and looked up the Grammy results, so I was spared the heartbreak of having it broken to me here. Happy for Aaron (and Wife), but sad that he's leaving.

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Here's some stats about Cancer.

13 million people in the US population currently have or have had cancer.


Current US population= 314 million

13/314= 0.0414


So, roughly 4% of USA population currently has or has had cancer.


1.6 million people get cancer in the US each year.

1.6/314= 0.0051

0.5 % of the human population get cancer each year.


About 1 out of every 200 people get cancer each year.


So be sure to scuttle back...





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Great episode made even better with several Teach appearances. Sad to see Aaron leaving tho :(, at least for now.



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