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Tomboy (1985)

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You can watch the entire movie, uncut, for free on YOUTUBE.



Sexy tomboy fixes cars, has a super slutty friend, falls for a local racecar driver. It's like a way cheaper version of 1983's FLASHDANCE -- that doesn't feature strippers and yet somehow has way more nudity than FLASHDANCE.


It's the sort of pure-80s-in-every-way, coming-into-your-own sex comedy that offers a perfect time capsule of what movies were like back then. The sexual mores of the time (or at least this genre) are particularly surprising now.




Almost all the men are overly sexually aggressive in the movie. There's a musical/montage scene where two rapey men are chasing the two lead women around the city streets and there's a point where the female best friend seriously suggests, "Wouldn't it just be easier to fuck 'em?" The same best friend does a spontaneous striptease show at a party later in the movie, just because that's what people do. The (suggestion of) casual sex throughout the movie is pretty laughable.


There's another part later in the movie where our heroine seems to take pity on a pathetic guy who's trying to hit on her at a bar, who buys her one drink and IMMEDIATELY asks her if she'd like to come back to his place. She ends up bringing him back to her place (to do what, exactly...?), but thankfully doesn't actually do anything with him. He then randomly manages to hitch a ride with a hot woman in a sportscar who pulls over and immediately presents her breasts to him.



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34mins into it, don't you just hate it when people pay you in donuts!!


The movie is wall-to-wall with crazy like this!

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Please, y’all gotta consider this movie. I watched this 2 years ago, at 7 in the morning, on my laptop, to avoid studying for a botany final. As it progressed, I sought out my lecture notes for relief. The plot was so unwell that it had me amped on the absolute absurdity. THE FRIEND, DAWG! An iconic figure that you never want to see again. Anyway, here’s the trailer.

P.S. Tons of tit action for J-Man :)

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