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Godspell (1973)

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God, this is weird. No pun intended.




Yup it's based on a musical, so automatically, the story is going to hang together VERY loosely, at best. Just a tenuous link between songs, basically. But wait! It's also a religious movie technically - a "hip" retelling of the Gospel, I guess? All I know is this: this is a quintessential, bizarre 70's trippy adventure movie starring a multi-cultural group of impeccably-dressed hippy stereotypes. Who are journeying through NYC. An eerie, empty, NYC.


(I should mention now that the director also did episodes of, "Rich Man, Poor Man" and "Roots". This guy had his finger on the button of what people wanted in their 1970 entertainment)


This just happens to star some weird, Willy Wonka/Bob Ross/Ronald McDonald-hybrid Jesus figure wearing an off-brand Superman shirt. Who gets "crucified" to a chain-link fence at Coney Island (I think). And all the music has "Jesus", "God" or "Lord" in the lyrics (but, I'll be honest, it sounds pretty okay anyway)


Oh, and in case you missed it in the trailer, it also has this thing in it:





Note to Mods: I used the Forum search function and didn't see anything for this movie. I'm relatively sure this is a new thread, but if not, I apologize.

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I agree Godspell is embarrassingly stupid, but I think people like the music. 

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