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halloween suggestions

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Razor Blade Smile, a low-budget British rip-off of Underworld with more lesbian sex, nudity, gunplay, and a ludicrous ending which is akin to a WWF-style Heel-Turn. Oh, and vampires.


It's absolute rubbish.


Lesbian sex, you say?

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I'm still campaigning for Halloween: Resurrection, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, or Jason X. Pleeeeeeease.



Jamie Lee Curtis KISSES Michael in Resurrection and that doesn't even make the top 5 bonkerist scenes!!



Paul Rudd steals. a. baby. in The Curse of Michael Myers! The oral history of this movie would be great. The studio decided it was so bad they had to shoot a bunch of additional scenes but Rudd said no because he was already filming Clueless. So some of the action in the third act is done off camera, like a radio play. Oh, and they ditched the original score for the movie at the last minute so you can imagine that went well.


Then there's Jason X. Robot boobs, virtual reality video games, space travel, time travel, just so much goodness!


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My Bloody Valentine (1981) - whats more horrifying than a podunk Canadian mining town, full of stupid kids full of beer and angst, at the scariest time of year...Valentines Day.


Back home, the convenience store that had DVDs to rent bought a 2 disc special edition when the remake came out. I wanted to rent the remake but they gave me the original instead. I spent 75% of the film not realizing this, thinking the actor I knew in it was going to be the killer. I honestly thought they made it low budget looking on purpose.


Top notch pick though

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