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Episode 97 — Rhinestone: LIVE!

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In the "Jingle All The Way" episode, Paul cites Variety as saying that Schwarzenegger has the comic sense of a dead moose (or dead mousse or something like that). This raises the question, "Who is the better comic actor, Schwarzenegger or Stallone?"--if better is the proper word. Schwarzenegger has the advantage because he has a funny accent--at least, it is funny to this childish lifelong resident of the US--and because he usually plays it straight (i.e., his character is not trying to be funny). Stallone would be better if he played serious dumb, instead of winking dumb or wisecracking. I have to admit that I laugh every time I hear Arnie say "I'm not a pervert!" or "Stop eating my cookies!"

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In the podcast it was said that "Rhinestone Cowboy" was not played. It was played when Dolly takes her first break and is talking to the waitress about the loan and her first interaction with Freddy.


Other then that can someone please explain Stallone's pink shirt with all the cameras on top.

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About New York being a viable venue for country music, I thought this was a nifty account of how, in 1966, Buck Owned filled Carnegie Hall:



I know Buck Owens is on a different popularity level than performers at a bar like Rhinestone, but I still think the idea of performing country and wondering how it will go over in such a venue is interesting.

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Listened to this episode again and decided to finally see the movie. It's really one of those disasters that needs to be seen to be believed. As has been said before the audiences in this movie are the fakest ever.


And Stallone's performance is just baffling. His singing isn't even the worst of it, his comedic delivery is just so shameful. Although partially that's the script, which just has him going from Jim Carrey-style absurd wacko to playing the straight man. I think some of the lines really could be funny, like the one where he pretends to be doing a 'street satisfaction survey' in the middle of the night. If Bill Murray was in that scene it would work.


But the whole concept is just so convoluted, and the depictions of the various subcultures so ludicrously over the top, etc... it's not like any one replacement could have saved this movie.


As to the "guy who likes foamy beer" as Paul comments on in both the episode and the minisode, I think he's reading that all wrong.

See this guy is served a beer, which has a ludicrous amount of foam on it. So he turns to this random guy next to him and says "I like my beer real foamy".

No he doesn't. I don't know if any of you have ever poured a beer, but any rookie bartender will pour beer like that. It's not what anybody wants... it's just how it comes out if you're a bad bartender or not paying much attention to it. So basically he's gotten a lousily poured beer. And how does he respond? With sarcasm! At least, that's what that scene was supposed to be, I'm pretty sure. The delivery is completely off, like almost every line in this movie... but it's supposed to be a joke.

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Going a bit deep, but here's my theory on why Sly's performance was so well received at the end:


This movie is set in a world where the south won the Civil War.


I just heard this for the first time, and I thought it hilarious that nobody answered Matt Jones's question about what the heck Stallone was saying in his call-and-response/screaming intro to the triumphant musical number. Unfortunately the answer kind of disproves this theory, because it's "The! South! Is! Gonna! Rise! Tonight!"

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