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Mantzoukas Moments

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Listening to the lastest episode I couldnt stop laughing at Jason telling people at home to go "straight f**k" themsleves and letting rip at audience members. These have just become some of my favourite Mantzoukas Moments. I am just wondering what other moments of Mantzoukas rage people loved from any of the eps.

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I'm a big fan of Mantzoukas antagonizing the audience. But sometimes, it's also great because there feels like there's a sense of justice when he calls them out? I loved when he ripped on the audience member in the last episode, the live Deep Blue Sea, when the audience member sassed Paul before his question, "First of all, it's Dan..." "HEY DAN. WE DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR NAME." Love Zouks.

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I think my favorite moment of Jason antagonizing the audience at the live shows is from No Holds Barred. "If you haven't seen this movie, go fuck yourself. There are a lot of movies where, you know what, you don't have to see this, or we took the bullet for you. Stop everything. LEAVE THE THEATER RIGHT NOW!"


But the top of my list is his "Where are the peas" rant from Jack Frost.

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Honestly for me, it's when someone says something (usually June) that's so outrageous he simply can't stop hold back the astonishment. Moments that come to mind:


June's "What is a streetfigher?" question.

In Monkey Shines when June (again!) assumes Allan is running to class with a backpack full of bricks.

In Reindeer Games when Paul points out "Well, his name is Rudy."

In Fast 6, expressing anguish that Giselle died, but "that dumptruck Mia" is still alive.

and of course, Sleepaway Camp when everyone goes nuts trying to sort out the family tree.


And yes, the "Where are the peas" rant is awesome.

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