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EPISODE 80 — Jon Gabrus Again, Our Close Friend

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here's breakfast




big jelly

big sloppy cold red bouncy jelly

unfortunately it looks like someone has spit in it but i can just eat around that so no big deal

can't wait to eat all this jelly guys

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I'm booing and throwing trash and garbage at this gif rerun. No, bad, it's bad, I hate it, booo.

...ooooo (continued boo, an advanced technique)

please don't give away the fact that i'm recycling gifs for the new people, you're directly cutting off my like income.


my oculus rift gif is coming back up in like 2 episodes don't fuck me on this

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I'm gunna stop posting in here so much when I'm drunk. Yikes to my own posts.

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I found the song that Chappie was glow stick dancing to!


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