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EPISODE 3 - Neil Casey - Spotlight On: Mr. Jordache

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"What do you call those fish that suck on the back of the bigger fish?"



Good one, Mr. J.

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theyre all good, but this is my favorite episode so far

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Objective C is not a garbage language.



It's a horrible bastard child. The only reason anyone uses it is because Next/Jobs had to be different. Even Apple is looking for a way out i.e. Swift.

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I have got to hear this story. Was it in the shower?


I'm sorry I forgot I even posted this/to check for a follow up!


I don't remember much because I wasn't in his class that semester, but, if I remember correctly, as a kid was handing him a paper, he grabbed their arm and just bit them out of nowhere. As a "joke" maybe? I don't know he was a weirdo (obviously.) I wish I could even remember his name to google it. And sadly "North Penn High School teacher bites student" really isn't giving me any good results.

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