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EPISODE 30 — Johnny's Bananas Season 4 Writer's Room

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it's really eerie to me how much joe sounds like harris. like the stresses and cadence and everything.

When he started talking, for a minute I was like "was this recorded a while back or what?" because he does sound a LOT like Harris.


If I remember correctly, didn't Harris and Joe both go to Emerson together? I have always thought they sounded a lot a like and I attributed that to them being around each other for a long time and picking up each others mannerisms.

Joe was in a sketch group with Harris and Armen at Emerson, yeah. They worked on Parks together too. He tried to buy the westboro baptists' "Harris in Hell" poster for a hundo.

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I cannot believe Fat Sal's isn't made up.


Edit: I actually went to Google Maps to make 100% sure that the website wasn't a parody site. It's so unbelievable.

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oh, fat sandwiches are a thing college campuses.


also, nice 1 horn reference by jake. even tom giggled.

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I looked up Fat Sal's and every item they mention is actually real. Including "the big fat fatty"

When I was listening to this, I thought the crazy shit they ordered was just about the funniest part. Knowing this actually exists makes me a little sad now.

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