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EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

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I was talking to a friend of mine who's also a CBB fan. He kept giving me shit in an Aukermaniacal fashion because I mispronounced "Chief Content Officer," like, three times in a row. The conversation couldn't move forward because he kept making fun of the "Cheap Cuntent Ossifer."


I needed to reset the conversation, so I just said, "Heynong, man." He said it right back to me, and we continued with our discussion of some other dumb shit.


Heynong man, it works!

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Jason “Zouks” Mantzoukas is back baby! J-Man talks to Scott about possibly taking over CBB if he happens to perish, his dating life, and his new podcast called “Talkin’ ‘Tang.” But heynong man, old friend Mike the Janitor also returns from cleaning up the Earwolf sauna to ask listeners to support his online campaign to finally clean up that Garbage Island in the Pacific.



It was a really strong episode! Love the visiting every city in the world part!


- Danny Hauger Music

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I listened back to this and it's better second time around. I think the first time I listened was on my morning commute, and the Scotty/Zouks/PFT combo was a little too hyper when I'm in a delicate, exhausted state.


I think even Scott was getting a little frayed by the end after being jumped on so many times for the slightest mistake. I did enjoy the awkward silences, like after his JCVD impression though.



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Would love to see this in real life:



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