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Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)

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Tim Allen finds out from his ex-wife (JoBeth Williams) that they shared a son together and that she raised him in a jungle. He meets him for the first time and chaos hilariously ensues when Allen brings the jungle boy to New York. Also features Martin Short, Lolita Davidovich and a young Leelee Sobieski as Short's daughter.


It's a remake of an obscure foreign film called "Little Indian, Big City" where it was panned by critics, most notably from Siskel and Ebert, where they named it one of the worst films they've seen.

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I liked this movie as a kid, but we all know that those movies make up a LOT of the best HDTGM materials. What can I remember from that would be good fodder for this podcast?:

-An important sub-plot involving the stock market that kids are supposed to be able to follow. I was 11, the older end of the kid demographic, and I barely even knew what the stock market was.

-The kid’s name loosely translates to “cat piss.” The mom said she did it because he was about five at the time and he liked it. So she waited until he was five to name him, gave him the dumbest name imaginable, and also he wanted a name that would get him made fun of constantly.

-Somehow Tim Allen (or maybe it was his assistant) not only gets a cell phone (maybe a sat phone?) to work on the remote island and connect it to a laptop, the natives get the laptop to access a porn-ish site within five minutes of first seeing it. Also, the laptop connected to a sat phone in 1997 can easily stream video. That was a better gag back when people didn’t know anything about how realistic that sort of thing was.

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