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First look at Kindergarten Cop 2

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is this from the makers of Jingle All the Way 2 , I can't see Dolph Lundgren being funny. Arnold on the other hand is because he can use witty one liners. from the director of "Who's Your Caddy?"





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Why is there a guy in full body armor and a rifle walking with the kids through the forest?

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Why is there a super old black-back iMac back there? This movie has a thing for antiques.


what bugs me even more is that Microsoft notebook we see on tv shows and yet can never buy.. I think it was a acer notebook as a gift to bloggers but never really ever sold to the general public. much like the microsoft glass table you can see on Hawaii five o.




here is another fake microsoft product you can't really buy.




I see that every time and I just laugh.


there is that notebook...




This is the acer notebook that was a gift to bloggers who would use Microsoft blog site. it may have been given to people in television to use as a promote item. but last time I checked you can't buy it anywhere.

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