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Episode 3 — The Last Airbender

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Where do we start with Old Dogs? Human puppet suits? A cross-eyed Rita Wilson? Sports marketing? Paul, June, and Jason invite Casey Wilson to help sift through the farts and crotch-shots that make up this 87 minute masterpiece. Casey and Paul reenact one of the more subtle, dramatic moments from the film, while Jason crosses the line with his jet-pack criticisms. Listen to see if your tag-line got used, and be sure to check us out on Facebook!

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looks like my 3 year old comment is gone from this OLD DOGS thread, just like everyone elses'. here's a recap:


This movie is more fun if you just imagine Robin Williams and John Travolta as an old married couple.

That's it. They are two older gay men bickering while on a road trip. That's a better movie, and its only one little, tiny step of the imagination to get there.


That's all I can remember about my observation from way back in 2011. Also RIP and much respect to Mr. Williams.

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Dev Patel apologizes for "Last Airbender." I think this was gracious of him, clearly it was M. Night's fault.


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