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Episode 5 - Sam Harris

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Sam Harris is not afraid to be vocal about his views on religion. He's a neuroscientist who believes all of our moral questions can be answered through reason and science, not faith. And that's exactly why David wanted to talk to him. In their conversation, David and Sam talk about how Sam discovered the true meaning of love through MDMA, how the two differ when it comes to interpreting religious metaphor, and how Sam sees the "tolerant left" as a danger. Subscribe to The David Gregory Show for new episodes every week. It's your chance to eavesdrop on surprising conversations with famous and interesting people, and hear them get personal about their beliefs, faith, and the things that have mattered most in their lives.

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Sam's argument: Religion breeds evil and causes mass murder because it teaches ignorance. David's argument: But religion makes me feel good!


I don't know how Sam can continue to argue with such logic. And also, corn.

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harris toasts the death cults rational disregard for the well-being of a freshly formed fetus, before he serves his soup du jour to david. in it they find a common ground: we must protect of the clitorises of our daughters at all costs, especially those costs that can be paid for with liberal values!


because it's the liberals fault, with its, his or hers consciously seeded political correctness-memes, that the bible-thumping maniac now has all the answers when it comes to national security questions. the conservative will gladly pay lip service to the liberal whimper: 'but for the wrong reasons', as long as the liberal eases up on hers, his or its principles, and aligns himself, itself or herself with the needs and wants of empire.


imperialism in the middle-east, fascism at home, both justified by the terrifying shadow of monolithic islam, the evillest of all equally evil religions. harris becomes a reductive tool of empire, used to coerce the liberal who is easily bent, because when it comes to times like iraq, there's noone more red, white and blue.


i enjoyed this episode in general, and the concatenation of the section on abortion with the commercial for universal yams in particular.

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