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Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

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...I did learn that he and Scott have known each other since they were kids and were in a tv show together as children. Er, I think that was true... maybe it was a bit... i can't remember! anyway yeah they clearly know each other well. I just... I don't know. The charm of Jason Mantzoukas just hasn't really struck me yet.

Pretty sure that was a bit, Scotty grew up in Southern Cal dressing up like Bre'r bear at Disney, while Zouks was over in Nahant, MA talkin' tang and porking butts

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Still waiting for that on a t-shirt.

Here's a shitty mockup:


to people of all




Just want to give BIG UPS to all of you who love "Big ups to people of all stars and stripes", because that's one of my favorite CBB lines as well.


Great T-shirt mock-up as well. Big ups on that one.

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I still think of it probably once a week and just laugh to myself.


I've regularly said it to people, whether they know what I'm talking about or not. You just gotta give BIG UPS to people of ALL stars & stripes.

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