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My One and Only Criticism

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I've really been enjoying the show in the last few weeks; there was some (understandable) awkwardness at the time of the name-change, but if the past few weeks are any indication then the show is quickly shooting back to its pre-CBB peaks. If I had one single bad thing to say about the show, though... and keep in mind, this is the one and only criticism I could possibly muster... but lately the theme songs for CBB's regular features have simply been WAY too short! Honestly, I CAN'T FOLLOW WHAT'S GOING ON. How can Scott expect anyone to understand which game he and his guests are playing unless the audience is allowed to hear those theme songs in their entirety? Five seconds of the Would You Rather? theme just isn't enough; it lets me know that something is about to happen, but when the music fades after only those five seconds my head is left spinning! I'm totally disoriented, to the point where I've almost gotten into an accident a few times while listening to recent episodes in the car.
For the sake of motorists everywhere, I hope this whole thing is cleared up soon.

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I love it too. Hasn't happened in a while. I was hoping he'd tell Todd to shut the fuck up each time he asked if it was Chuck Mangione, even though that alone made it hilarious.

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