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I haven't listened to every episode of the show (I prefer the live shows/shows with multiple guests to the one-on-one interview focused ones), but I'm hoping you'll be up for some rather terrifying - and oddly impressive - enormous puppets:


"The Little Girl Giant":

It's an street theater/art installation/performance piece by a French group called, "Royal De Luxe". I believe they did a whole show over a series of months, with other puppets including, "The Sultan's Elephant" and the uncle for this 'Little Giant Girl'. Part of something they called, "Titanic Story" or "Sea Odyssey" or something.


Just enjoy :)

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Oh, and a fun thing to do? Go to Youtube, look up, 'terrifying children's shows', and just keep clicking Recommended Videos on the side bar until you dig up stuff like this:


"Unintendionally funny Christian Children's Program"


Luckily, the clip is not from the actual show, but from a BBC documentary/show TALKING about awful shows.


"The puppets that he had fucking dragged out of burnt out buildings... make Chucky [from Child's Play] look like something you would want to cuddle. The main puppet is called Albert Herman, which sounds like a Nazi War Criminal. He has 'Teddy Eddy', who is (laughs) this panda who he has to make come alive... and by that, he just means he just sort of takes his hand out of Albert Herman, and just sort of leaves that one, dead, whilst the other one is y'know, struggling to animate"


There's a guy strumming the cartoon while these puppets sing their Christian songs, and he's wearing an alien mask. At one point, one of the ears falls off and the guys just has to keep on going. It's... it's frickin' awful. Of course it's from a public tv station (they say). It seems like something Jake would get a lot of joy out of :D


Doesn't that make you wanna take a peek at this thing?

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Here's some odd Virtual Reality video games, for the the Oculus Virtual Reality headset. Which isn't available for consumers yet, and most commercial products don't use it yet, so it's mostly a lot of hobbyist experimentation stuff. Even more experimental than usual indie games. So, with that in mind, here's some stuff to check out!


Here's a video of someone playing a Japanese tech demo called, "Death". Which is, for all intents and purposes, a suicide simulator where you play as famous anime girl Hatsune Miku and go walking up a shrine and then it launches you off and you die.



Here's another one that's a little more traditionally "horror". First person horror games seem to be popular with the indie Oculus crowd. Long video, I cut it to where it starts to get good:



And here's a short demo of Sonic the Hedgehog (the fan-made indie "Sonic GDK" game dev kit) in Virtual Reality:



I honestly don't know if you can get into this stuff, or want to, but you're always looking for interesting videos. Virtual Reality is pretty interesting. So I'll take a shot and link these.

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I haven't listened to every episode of the show (I prefer the live shows/shows with multiple guests to the one-on-one interview focused ones), but I'm hoping you'll be up for some rather terrifying - and oddly impressive - enormous puppets:


That's utterly amazing, I loved that, thanks!

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My apologies if this has been covered by the show or if this clip has already been submitted, but it's absolute gold:



Highlights from Wildwood, N.J.



This is from a documentary about Wildwood NJ, that some genius made. I use this to explain to people from other places what the Philadelphia area is like. I HAVE WATCHED THIS OVER 500 TIMES. DE-EVOLUTION IS REAL, BECAUSE IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.




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Lameness raises its ugly head here and there. Interesting how many times he feels he needs to remind us that we're not making fun of anyone or discriminating against anyone.


I think the idea of having other people operate your ventriloquist dummies is amazing, however.

Sumo is nightmare fuel!



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Just finished listening to the episode with Max Silvestri. In it, you guys talk about the new Virgin in-flight safety video. Have you not seen the goddamn 80's one that Delta did? Of course not, you rich dudes don't fly Delta. Here's what your missing: Gerald Casale, breakdancing, A.L.F.




Whatever ad agency is behind this needs to take this all the way and license Garbage Pail Kids for the safety brochure.

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Hi Jake,


I'm listening to all the Episodes in order now from the beginning. On a Friday night. I hope you're happy. I'm on number 4 right now and it scares me how many of the clips that I can name one second in. I still regularly quote Crazy Calls and Freedom Rock and no one knows what the hell I'm talking about. Anyway, thanks. Here's another 80's TV gem, that probably needs to be revisited:





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Not sure how far you ever got with your search for Manakin, but I ran it by my friend Margaret (aka The Prog Lady).




Here's what she had to say:



The singer is Brent Williams, he's singing here too:


Details on the Manakin album:

Manakin, a band of porcelain people

Type of Work:

Musical work

Registration Number / Date:

PAu000495572 / 1983-04-01

Date of Creation:



Manakin, a band of porcelain people / words and music Brent Williams.


1 sound cassette + lyrics (3 p.)

Copyright Claimant:

Brent Williams




Brent Williams 1957-


Read more: http://www.copyright.../#ixzz38Wx78Cmd


I think he's from South Bay, one of the youtube commenters used to know him back in the day: https://www.youtube....user/jonsilence Says they shared an ex-girlfriend. Here's his youtube comment:


5 years ago


Unreal..twilight zone stuff... Me being a South Bay prog head, I knew the singer Brent... we shared the same girlfriend(RIP), loved all the same bands. And yet I never saw Manakin perform, so this is a treat. Where's Rod Serling? Or Michael Piper (RIP) ?????


In that second youtube clip, the about says:


After Roger Morris of Psychedelic Furs left the Furs he moved to Los Angeles California, finding young Guitarist Greg Carson , Keyboard player / Bass Player and songwriter Richard Larsen (Berlin), Then Drummer Fred Drake (we miss you Fred) and Brent Williams from Manakin on Vocals. Playing Los Angeles for about a year they were met with great response. Here is a rare video of their final show with these members at FM station in 1984.Teh song is Can You Tell It Was Me.



The lone comment from reptile7bullseye is: "25 years ago. I can still tell it was you. Can you tell it was me?"


He's obviously referencing the name of the song, but maybe he's also alluding to the fact that he was in the band? Just maybe it's Brent Williams himself??!!!

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Kind of surprised there haven't been more Gong Show clips on the show.



Look at how hyped up everyone is!

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