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I got a mass email from the distributor of Miami Connection that I thought would be of interest to fans of MC:


VICE spotlights Miami Connection director YK Kim


VICE's series chronicling some of the most colorful talents in outsider cinema, appropriately titled "OUTSIDER," is coming soon to a TV near you. Produced by former Drafthouse Films Creative Director Evan Husney and hosted by legendary curator and programmer Zack Carlson, "OUTSIDER"s inaugural episode –– which turns the spotlight on Grandmaster YK Kim and the unbelievably strange and inspiring story behind our own Miami Connection –– will air on VICELAND this Friday, 3/17, at 9:30pm Eastern. (Check where you can tune in here.)


In anticipation of his small-screen debut, Grandmaster Kim has shared his latest instructional video with us, featuring three tips to change how you approach your day –– here's the incredible "Meditation for your Daily Life."


"OUTSIDER" will continue to air for the following three Fridays, with unmissable episodes featuring trash auteur James Nguyen (Birdemic: Shock and Terror), camcorder maestro David "Rock" Nelson, and sadly brilliant Laz Rojas (One-Man Showcase).

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yes love this film, it has so many truly insane moments.


I do love how they go on about hope and peace, yet literally minutes before a couple of them go on a rage fulled killing rampage


oh and who can forget this line, dropped by Jim "My Mother was Korean"


All of that and you have the amazing Dragon Sound in there as well... 80s cinema gold!!!

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