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    Well, folks, I'm back. The foot is 99% healed and things are starting to turn around. I've missed you and look forward to sharing movies and conversation again. The BIG news is I'm flying to Wales this fall! My BFF lives there and it's our 50th birthdays this year so I'm going to mark the occasions with him. The trip coincides with the halfway point between our birthdays so celebrating won't lean too much in one direction or the other. Only staying a week this time but will do a bigger trip later. (I have friends in Scotland and Bulgaria and have a standing invite to visit them. MY BFF says if I go to Bulgaria I go alone. )
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    What musical will Polly Darton choose this time around?
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    My next pick for this series is a film that I own on VHS but never got around into watching the whole thing! Now I'm righting that wrong as the movie will be: Dance with Me (1998) starring Vanessa Williams!
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    “And, uh, at Country Bear Hall you could be different and still fit in. Yup. Different. Mm-hmm...Unless of course your one of them filthy, no-good, bamboo pooping Panda Bears! They want our jobs and our women! No Bears but Country Bears! MCBGA!”
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    I realized at some point that MC Gainey is kind of the Country Bear’s Chewbacca.
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    The Boys and Engineer Brett pitch STEPHEN MALKMUS new songs for the show Flaked. To buy Hollywood Handbook merch on Amazon, go to Amazon.com and search PODSWAG.
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    Awesome news! Wales is a beautiful place. I hope you have a wonderful time.
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    Same!! Honestly you had me at Vanessa Williams period
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    I have to say that the first time I went to Disneyland as a child (I was 6-ish) I loved the Bear Jamboree and went to go everyday we were at the park. Then again bears are my favourite animal so that could be why. My Dad call the Country Bear Jamboree "A good way to get dry from Splash Mountain" I'd like to imagine that MC Gainy slept with bear groupies and has a half bear child.
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    Ha! Sorry! Polly asked to be taken out of the rotation for a bit. I’m going to get an updated rotation out soon (maybe tomorrow). That means it’s actually your turn Slide
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    Are you telling me that we have a lead in getting Paul a Country Bear Costume? Surely Scott must know someone from his bear days!
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    Definitely was. I think he's the only bear speaking voice to appear live in the movie, and by the way, the voice actors here are no slouches. Besides Bader and Haley Joel Osment, we've got James Gammon (a.k.a. the surly manager from Major League), Brad Garrett, Stephen Root, and Toby Huss. As I understand it, the DVD commentary track features the film's real director and also Bader and Root playing their bear characters, commenting on the movie. That sounds like the kind of meta-humor the actual movie could have used more of. Per the Onion AV Club, the commentary track is apparently quite funny.
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    Here's a good article on Disney rides turned into movies: https://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20180408/33790/ride-screen-8-best-and-worst-disney-movies-based-rides First of all, even calling Mission to Mars an adaptation of the Disney ride is a big stretch. Secondly, I notice that all but one of these was made BEFORE Pirates of the Caribbean. That's right, at one time Disney figured The Country Bears was a better bet than friggin' Pirates. Sometimes our corporate overlords are dumb.
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    Don't have an observation about the movie, but its fun that Kulap's the guest since her husband, Paul's boss Scott Aukerman, played a Country Bears character when he worked at Disneyland. He's told a story of getting lost in the park and nearly passing out while in the full Country Bears mascot costume.
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    I’m a bit out of my depth here, but while watching Country Bears I couldn’t help but wonder what the Force of Impact would be from a rather large, stage-diving, harmonica playing bear upon an average concert goer. In an attempt to suss this out, I figured the average weight from five different types of bears - from pandas (the lightest) to brown bears (the heaviest). The result being an average weight of ~528lbs or ~240kgs. Based on what’s shown in the movie, I also estimated the height of the stage to be approximately 1.5 m. Which (based on this formula) would suggest that a 240 kg sentient bear hurled bodily from a height of 1.5 meters would achieve a velocity of 5.4 m/s (meters per second) just prior to impact. Long story short, when Fred Bedderhead spontaneously launched himself into the air he would have plummeted upon the unsuspecting audience members with a Force of Impact of about 35,280 Newtons or 7931.26 lbs! Again, I can’t say that I’m incredibly well-versed in the world of physics and people more knowledgeable than I are more than welcome to check my math. However, I do think that the biggest takeaway from all of this should be that those people Fred landed on are most likely dead or seriously injured. I also think that we can now surmise that the most likely reason for the Country Bears break up was Ted Bedderhead’s exasperation at the constant tide of civil suits brought against the band by all the grieving families his brother so callously crushed into quivering puddles of goo.
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    So this movie means that we get to talk about my favorite week of the year! FAT BEAR WEEK!!! Every year in the fall Katmai National Park in Alaska holds a March Madness style competition online to see which of their Brown Bears is going to be the reigning champion and be the fattest, most chonkiest, Absolute Unit of a bear they can possibly become before hibernate kicks in. It's truly an amazing time. Last year's winner was the magnificently corpulent BEADNOSE! I can't wait for this year's event!
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    So while you can't get drunk off honey you CAN get high.There's a form of honey from the black sea region of eastern Turkey and parts of Nepal that has hallucinogens in it from the natural neurotoxin grayanotoxin in some rhododendrons nector. It's know as "Mad Honey". It's been around for millennia and has even been used as a tool of war. In B.C.E. 67 Pompey the Great lost over a 1,000 men in a battle with the Persian King Mithridates after they were tricked by the pots of honey the Persians had left out for them to eat . The men were too sick and weak to fight back . In parts of Turkey and Nepal mad honey is used as a form of traditional medicine. It's used as a way to get a boost of energy, relive hypertension,and is seen as a form of natural Viagra. Mad honey gives you a sense of euphoria, lightheadedness, and sometimes hallucinations . However the honey can have unfortunate side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, loss of consciousness, seizures and although rare, it can be fatal if you eat too much. It's also one of the most expensive honeys in the world at $60 to $80+ a pound .
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    Okay so I went to rent this and I said to myself, "Self, I like you more than this." And I didn't watch it. So I found this podcast very surreal. Besides Paul, did anyone ever go to see the Country Bears Jamboree on purpose? I remember seeing it as a kid, and my entire group being like "this sucks. Can we go on Thunder Mountain again?" Also, are we told the names of the bears in the ride? Because I did not know who they were. And I reluctantly googled it just now and it doesn't seem like they are the same as the characters in the movie. I mean there is a Trixie but no Beary? Also, I would really like a Funny or Die Short, directed by Kulap, about Jason and Paul hunting Country Bears in their natural habitat, ie Disney.
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    This movie is 88 minutes long. You know how long 88 minutes can be, don't you?
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    I still don’t understand why Beary, or the Country Bears, can’t just explain what they’re doing. It’s weird, yes, but no one has actually been kidnapped. As far as I can tell, no crimes have been committed. I’m not even 100% sure the CB’s even know Beary has a family at that point. I think they just assume he’s an orphan or something. Once that news report came on they should have been like “What the fuck, Beary?” They could have the whole thing explained and sorted out in less than 30 minutes. Their behavior makes absolutely no sense. The only reason the Country Bears are treated like dirty, kidnapping deviants is because they act like a bunch of dirty, kidnapping deviants.
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    Yes, I believe that was Diedrich Bader.
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