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    IIRC, having Spike Lee's name on the movie was supposed to increase exposure of Passing Strange, which was a critical darling on Broadway, but wasn't a hit with theatergoers. I was fortunate to see this on stage and the theater was barely half full. After the show, Stew came back to address the audience. He asked us to stay for a few more minutes and fill out a survey/questionnaire about the show - things like how did you hear about the show, how likely are you to recommend the show to others, etc.
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    They had to signal that externally because "vatsinsideisjustalie".
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    No I clocked that from near the start (anytime a protagonist is unnamed brace yourself for a big reveal later) and I want to even say there is a reference to it early on. I can't remember what exactly, I think maybe referring to choir group as we. The one thing I liked that I didn't fully notice right away was the boy was wearing a red shirt the entire time and Stew is wearing a red shirt as well.
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    I had the misfortune of watching this on YouTube so not the greatest quality picture, it was split oddly (seriously cut at the intermission) and had Spanish subtitles but I loved it. I thought it was a high energy production with some catchy music and some fantastic performances. I think the thing I liked the most was the actual staging with minimalist sets of basically just chairs and the set up with the musicians in the stage and them being able to perform around that. At the start I was very worried they'd fall into one of the musician holes. That said this seems very much like a show that is good on video but great in person. Live music and all that. It succeeded in making me really miss live theater as well.
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    I agree, I had no real idea what I was picking, but I had this film highly praised and recommended by a playwright I respect, who said without hesitation that it was his favorite musical ever. That's a big claim to make, so I think I had the expectation of that ringing in my ears as we went, and was glad I did this instead of Sharpay's Big Adventure... Also, a few days ago, I was doing basement karaoke with my kids on my daughter's karaoke machine, and while waiting for my song to begin I wrapped the cord around my neck and started doing Mr Venus. So now my kids sit at dinner and every time there is a lull in conversation, they whisper 'vat's inside is yust a lie'. 10/10 parenting right there.
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    “Exquisite. Like an orgasm in reverse.” We watched:
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    D’ARCY CARDEN returns to the show to let The Boys fix The Good Place.
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    loving the sound quality on the stitcher feed! makes me feel like i'm listening to the podcast on satellite radio!
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    Well this episode certainly got me mumbling food and good on the bus.
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    Honestly it was a generic marketing survey form. But to their credit, I think they only sent me 1 newsletter.
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    Um. No audio either now? I knew that place was going to take a hit with the return of Cody... but damn.
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    I just wanted to say, everything Colman Domingo (Mr Franklin/Joop/Mr Venus) did was amazing. The whole “Arlington Hill” number (“Coward’s ain’t got shit. Cowards only have...consequences”) was incredible. I also thought Eisa Davis (Mother) was pretty great. I feel like that could have been a pretty thankless part - considering the things everyone else got to do - but she imbued the role with so much gravitas and humanity. It was lovely work.
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    I literally didn’t catch that until the last song
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    I hope the comment card said: "You don't know me and I don't know you...so, please, tell me something about yourself."
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    So I was reading through the Wikipedia plot synopsis and it says this about the end of the play: "The Narrator and the Youth confront each other directly and in a serious moment for the first time as the Youth copes with his grief; dealing with the loss of the same mother, it is clear now that the Narrator and Youth represent the same person at two different times in his life ("Passing Phase")." Like, no one was actually surprised that they were supposed to be the same person, right?
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    Mr. Franklin is very much every church music director I have ever known
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    I agree about being on the fence as far as re-viewings. I understand Spike Lee's name was needed to bring in the money and exposure but calling it "A Spike Lee Joint" did this a dis-service. I was expecting Spike Lee's touch on this or for him to have written it. For him to have just adapted it to be filmed wasn't as much of a contribution as Stew and the actors. Do we even know who directed Piya Berupiya or the live-on-Broadway Rent? Yet here Spike Lee's name is the main one on the promotional material. I didn't pay as much attention to the material as it deserved because of that.
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    I think Lee did quite a lot with this. Yes, the material and performances are excellent. But Lee was able to get cameras really close and intimate to capitalize on that energy. But I never saw a camera in any of the shots. Even when they had a camera right in someone's face, in a wide shot, I didn't see the camera filming the extreme close up from earlier. I think that's great filming and editing. The planning on filming this must have been pretty deep. I've seen filmed plays that basically have 2-3 cameras filming wide shots from a couple angles. I would have liked the content of Passing Strange if it were just a single camera on a wide shot but Lee was able to get us in on the action.
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    I still think they’re holding them back. By Paul’s admission, even the recent “in studio” episodes recently were taped awhile ago. Cellular was done back in November, and while he didn’t say when, Paul said they recorded Little Italy some time ago. Without getting too deep with the speculation, I would guess one or more of them plan on being busy for awhile and they’re stockpiling episodes so there’s no lull in the content. For example, I don’t know how large Zouks’ role is in John Wick 3, but maybe he needs to do promotion and won’t be available. Or, maybe more likely, Paul has something coming down the pipe. I mean, they’ve done episodes without Jason and June (at the same time even), but if Paul isn’t around, I doubt Jason and June would record an episode. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it. Unless something got messed up in the actually recording (worse even than Top Dog and Theodore Rex) I’m sure they’ll be released someday. And I doubt it will be through Stitcher Premium. The only reason Valerian was exclusive is because it was part of a festival. As cool as they’ve been about rotating their back catalogue from behind the paywall, I seriously doubt that they’re going to start holding back live episodes just for subscribers. That’s never been their style.
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    I was amazed at how the actors switched characters so easily. I knew it was an actor playing the character each time because they can't change their look but they all changed mannerisms, way of walking, moving, etc. so fluidly that it was easy to get involved. Given that Youth and the mom stayed the same character throughout I thought the whole play was going to be the youth choir and Mr. Franklin. I was never happier to be wrong. That was INSANE!
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    I'm mad at you CaleBug. I watched Sharpay's Big Adventure for nothing?!?!
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    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I loved Passing Strange - the acting, the staging, the heart and humor. I love the music and the way it all kind of washes over you. They’re maybe not the most sing-a-longable, but it completely immersed you in the emotion that’s being conveyed. This is the kind of movie where I really appreciate Musical Mondays as this was completely off my radar. I’m glad CakeBug picked it or I would never have known it existed.
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    IIRC, and it's been forever since I've seen it, wasn't John Leguizamo's first filmed Live on Stage one man show marketed very similar as being a Spike Lee Joint? At one time (and he still may) I know Spike prided himself on doing the Woody Allen thing where he directs a movie a year, I think these were done for that purpose. I still disagree, that Spike did anything that I hadn't seen before in a love on stage version. Some are better than others and this is one of the best ones, but I just don't think it's super ground breaking in changing the landscape of how Live On Stage productions are filmed.
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