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    IMPORTANT I asked Jen on Twitter what her dog's Instagram is and it is Mr_walnut. This fucker is damn cute and deserves a bark box.
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    Legit I think this episode will go down as one of the greats. The amount of time spent on the beginning of the film had me in tears and battles Sleepaway Camp for funniest time spent on the first scene of the film! Tawney is an amazing All-Star guest and I hope y'all bring her back more if June can't make it! Or hell even if June can make it!
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    My favorite character was Tony the janitor because he was the only person with a complete story arc in three short scenes. He has the night shift at NASA where he can dance, listen to music and clean the floors. Tony is under appreciated at work as seen from the old man who enters and yells at him. Whitney treats Tony as an equal, he complimented him on his dancing and has even shared information with him about the bike. Tony visits Rick at the strip club and his friends are excited that he has the night off. Tony reveals he was actually fired (I guess NASA really wanted to clean house after getting that sweet military contract). Rick wants him to join as a dancer but Tony doesn’t believe he could ever do anything like that because he’s Catholic and his wife would kill him. In the end Slick is unable to find Rick at the stip club and recruits Tony to be her new lead dancer as the Service Man. There are holes in Tony’s story sure but considering he goes through the most growth throughout the movie, I’d say Tony is in fact the protagonist.
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    I loved both of Tawny's recent appearances. She is great. I was angered to see people on Twitter accused her of "shrieking" during this episode. Jason was for real shrieking and she just just trying to get a word in. LOL
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    Some more big questions: 1. At what strip club can strippers actually kiss their customers live on stage and no one gets in trouble? I'm pretty sure that's a big no-no in that business. 2. I was confused about the time line near the end. Rick has sex with Faye in the hotel room, then she leaves, and then she returns after what seems like a short time to find Rick already having shower sex with his other girlfriend. How quickly did he manage to set this up? And how quickly did Faye's husband get to that hotel after having just talked to her on the phone? Is everyone just hanging around in the vicinity of this hotel all the time? 3. Let's take a look at this poster: Is there any scene in the movie that looks even remotely like this? Who is that woman supposed to be?
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    Well, "Not tonight, Josephine," is a quote supposedly from Napoleon (when declining to sleep with his wife... like Whitney does later in the movie!), so maybe it's just idiosyncratic command syntax? Also, it plays "La Marseillaise," the French national anthem, furthering the connection. Not sure why it's eaten by a shark, though. Regarding Rick's relationship with his mother, when she questions him about his grades, he distracts her by hugging her, picking her up and spinning her, and telling her she has a great ass[!]. His mother not only laughs this off, but says, "It sure is a good thing you're cute, kid." The whole thing is disconcertingly flirty. Also, earlier in the same scene, his sister explains that she's late because she had to go to the 7-11 and was held up comforting a woman who was apparently in labor, but the baby never showed up so they took her home? This is yet another baffling scene that is never brought up again but can be shrugged off the explanation of "It's Florida."
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    I have things to say about that scene at the art show. First off, what kind of art show is this? A student art show at the college? If not that, why is Rick even there? If it is a student art show, why would Lesley Ann's sister want to come to it? And what about the guys at the beginning of that scene who say "It's important to go to these events"? Why is it important? What is this event? But what really struck me about the art show scene was how touchy feeling Lesley Ann's husband is with her sister and her with him. Patsy plays with his tie, he puts his arm around her, they lean into each other. They totally look like people who are having an affair. And that wouldn't have been out of place in this movie!
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    Watching this crazy movie, it's actually shot pretty well, but the editing is terrible, and the writing doesn't help either. I have to imagine the reason it's not available anywhere is the cost of licensing the music. In the first 30 minutes there are at least four major music cues. And I think there's a Letterman clip in there too.
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    A psychologist would have a field day with this movie. So many storytelling decisions point to some pretty deep subconscious fears, all 80s-flavoured. Fears of downsizing/job mobility in an 80s recession? Check. Fears of rampant militarization? Fears of redefining marriage and of non-traditional sexual awakenings? Check, check, check. All we needed was some anti-drug messages and some good old-fashioned gay panic and we'd have "80s Existential Fear Bingo!"
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    They LITERALLY did not. Also I have started petition in ng the HDTGM Twitter to redo this movie with Nicole Byer so she can get a dick update.
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    This movie had so many characters that took one step on a story arc and then just stopped right there. The one I am most interested in though is Josephine who is an Artificial Intelligence???? At the very beginning of the movie when Whitney is finishing up his his night shift (why does a rocket designer need to work the night shift?) his little terminal screen pops up the question "Prior to 08:00 shut down, would you like access to Computer Games?". That reads like an automated script not something a person would say. But rather than just hitting the 'N' key Whitney replies by typing "Not tonight, Josephine". So is Josephine a human who speaks like a robot? Or did this movie give us a tiny glimpse at NASA's secret AI program which has been running since the early 80s? On a sincere note the recumbent bike ride past the Saturn V rocket makes me want to recommend the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL for anyone that has a chance to visit. They have built a museum around the Saturn V rocket there and I think it has to be one of the most impressive displays in the country. Unfortunately Huntsville is not a place you randomly pass through but if you happen to get a chance to see it take it.
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    I'll square this circle and say that I think the movie is structured in a way that makes you remember the "high points" (the shower scene and the reveal of Norman as the mother) and kind of forget most of the stuff in between. But that doesn't mean any of it is unnecessary or could be removed. You need the long, meticulous setup to make the "big bang" moments hit harder. I was thinking that this movie was structured like a symphony, with two major "movements" that crescendo and then recede (so maybe it's more like a half-symphony). In that way it's appropriate that the film opens with a credit sequence that flashes the words at us while the Herrmann score goes through all of its major themes. It's the overture. After the last big reveal there's another "cool-down" scene with the psychiatrist explaining Norman's condition (this part maybe does run a little too long), before going out on a final unsettling note with the close-up of Norman's face. Hitchcock talked about how this movie just works on the purity of its cinema, and I think that's right. Even when you already know the story, the whole thing is just so masterfully orchestrated, in the marriage of sound and visuals, that the scenes all work anyway.
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    So they really did meet in St. Louis!
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    I just want to know if Rick ever paid the water bill like his Mom asked him several times...yelling it at him as he drove away with the girl in circus slut shorts (great line from tawny!)
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    So if Bike boi really wanted to get another job he and Leslie should think about moving. I did a little ( so little) research ( I found a website that lists businesses by what they do) and apparently if he's really serious about getting work he should be looking to move possibly to California (21), Texas (16), or Alabama (14 tied with Florida but I bet there's far less weird strip clubs so...win?). These are all in the category of "Missile and Rocket Manufacturers in the United States". Which is where we have a problem. Because he's a bitch boi and refuses to work on any missiles. So let's just focus on places he could work. There are at least 5 companies in the"Space Vehicle" category in Florida, 6 are in California and Colorado, Texas, and Maryland tie for third place with 4 companies each. I think the best bet for him would be trying to a job at one of the eight companies listed as "Space Research and Development" . Particularly something called "Vanguard Space Technologies" because I think they make satellites and that gave me an excuse to whisper scream "GEOSTORM" while trying to make sense of this website last night at 3 am when I couldn't sleep. https://www.manta.com/mb_35_G02F9000_000/guided_missiles_and_space_vehicles?pg=1 (Website in question.) I have no idea why I'm even posting this it other than it seemed very important at the time.
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    I am super confused about why Slick was in the shower in Lesley Ann's hotel room at the end. Did Rick invite her there so that Lesley Ann would find them together and it would be an easy way to break it off? Has he even gotten his A in that speech class yet? Or is he just really stupid and decided to invite his fuck buddy over for a romp in a hotel room instead of at his trailer park?
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    Someone at work is playing the song Heaven on spotify and I'm dying right now.
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    Ok so this is the only story I have related to male strippers aka That Time Gigi's Mom Got Kicked Out Of Canadian Strip Club. So my mom grew up in Detroit. For those who don't know Detroit is literally just a bridge away from Windsor Canada where the drinking age is 19 instead of 21. I don't remember when this took place but I'm assuming it happened before my mom and her friends were 21(so the mid 80's) because why else would you go to Windsor? Somehow they ended up at a male strip club very drunk . This is where they encountered one of the ugliest male strippers known to man with what my mother described as " full meth face" and a mullet. He was also apparently cursed with a bit of a pancake ass . My mom's friend being very "kind" and also VERY inebriated took immense pity on this ugly stripper and felt it was her duty to give him a small smack on his ass (a VERY big no no) to help make him feel desired and appreciated. As any person would he did NOT take this as a compliment or a form of encouragement (because it's sexual harassment) and had them kicked out. And that's how I learned you never ever touch a dancer (you sure as fuck don't kiss them), consent is everything, and meth will fuck your face up and should also be avoided at all costs.
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    I totally agree! I feel like this is even represented visually how each act ends with a shot of Norman and a shot of the swamp - each successive shot showing Norman's descent and his mother's ascension. It starts with Norman in decent lighting nervously chewing on candy corn as he watches Marion's car sink: The next is after he's disposed of Arbosgast. It's more sinister and cast mostly in shadows: And finally in the police station when "mother" has completely taken over: I'm sorry, I still haven't listened to the ep yet so I'm not sure how much they get into all of this, but what I think it is important to remember that Norman is the protagonist - not Lila, Sam, Arbogast or even Marion. The movie is about his struggle, and ultimate failure, to break free from his mother. So, I don't think anything is filler. It's all needed to watch that struggle.
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    One other thing I'm not sure about. I wanted to know what the "hoochie cooche" (mentioned in the title song) was. It was a dance done by women and was suggestive. Maybe not the best thing to be teaching Tootie? (Although given her other proclivities this is probably the mildest one.) Wikipedia does mention its last "hurrah" was at the 1904 World's Fair and then was gone by WWII. Wiki link
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    This this this. I know what we generally consider to be barbecue originated in the Carolinas (although I suggest watching the Ugly Delicious episode on barbecue to help kind of dispel this idea). But I do not like mustard based sauces or vinegar based sauces.
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    This is kind of strange to me because if I asked anyone who hadn't seen it recently to describe the beginning of the movie, I bet few people remember Janet Leigh is having an affair. I certainly forgot it. I knew she stole the money, drives to the motel, shower scene. But I bet a lot of people don't even remember why she's at the hotel. Honestly, the second half has super memorable scenes for me. As stated before, I think the reversal of Norman dressed as his mother is excellent. I think of the sister going upstairs in the house. I think of Norman's crazy face in the final shot.
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