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    Hey look, I drew a ball on a bigger ball chasing a ball. While looking up references for this, I did find pictures on google of Pavarotti playing tennis. But he was wearing the same outfit in all of them, so I can only confirm he's played at least one game of tennis outside of this movie.
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    hello from the magic tavern, forum jk i just mean hello hows it going
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    hey yall its time for me to chime in here and say enough is enough. please just agree to the earwolf cookie policy because its only there to make the site better and its for you really. i know a lot of you "alt comedy" types are anarchists who dont like to accept policies but ut the politics aside for a minute and do the right thing. for my less tech-savvy readers, you accept the cookie policy by clicking the circle heart in the bottom right corner of this post VVV
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    Signed up for a year of Stitcher Premium when they first announced Hollywood Masterclass, & now only 13 months & another yearlong signup later we're getting a second season? Heheheh I think I'm gonna like this grift...
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    More on the parking lot universe please. Is Mitch good or even just okay at talking and jokes in the parking lot? Scared to imagine parking lot Bosch cuz he's just so good and perfect as he in our universe.
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    Why Mitch talk all fucked up? Cuz all that milf pussy he chompin on.
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    That is sad but today’s pro version might cheer you up because it was funny
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    Thx everyone. No hot hot hot fire symbol yet, but I’m sure the front end devs at earwolf are just busy pouring their piss bottles out the window and they will be back soon to let us know this thread is in fact. In Firefox
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    hi keith van horn, big fan. i always put your name on plastic cups at parties (it varies between you, vlade divac, and shareef adul-raheem). my question this week: how did you come up with your signature long sock look, and why did you continue to stick with it? did you hope to inspire a generation of white basketball players to wear knee length socks?
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    I think that's another great thing about the writing. Eve is the villain but she's not the mustache twirling type. Rather she is so subtle that there are only hints of it throughout the movie that are only clear on reflection or second viewing. We, like Margo, are not to suspect her of any wrong doings or evilness right away but much like the characters we slowly learn this over the course of the film until it is too late. Take for example her looking at herself in Margo's dress for the play. At first it is an innocent act of a fan wishing to emulate her favourite star, but once we know the full story that moment has a slight darker overtone to it. To me the first major sign that she truly is "evil" or "bad" is when she comes on to Bill. Yes, stealing a lover away does happen but it is more her reaction to it. This is the first time in the movie something doesn't really go her way so what does she do? She goes into a fit of rage and tries to tear the wig apart and smashing things. That to me was a big "Whoa" moment. Then in the end when we're confronted with the truth about Eve is to me where the big separation comes in between "wanting to be successful" and just "villain" come in. We learn from her story that she is a liar, manipulator, and con person. She was a small town girl who worked in a beer factory. She wanted to be rich and somebody so she tried to get with the owner of the factory who was married. They had an affair and when the heat was on she stole $500 and fled to New York. To me that paints the picture of who she really is. She might want fame and success but that isn't really what drives her. If she was a mid-western girl who came out to New York and then does this all, I could see her more as just climbing the ladder by any means. However, from that story it is clear she just covets what others have. She wants to better her life by taking those that can give her the best life possible. In her town the owner of the brewery was her ticket, when that didn't work she ran away to New York where she saw Margo's play and thought "That's what I want."
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    Amy spoke about it in the episode, but my personal take on the Eve/Phoebe dynamic at the end wasn't just about how the "new young thing" seems to be coming more rapidly, but specifically how it applies to Hollywood and its treatment of women over a certain age. To me, it felt like All About Eve was essentially saying, "You think it was bad for Margo? At least she was able to have a successful thirty-six year career. In Hollywood, at twenty-five, Eve might already be considered over-the-hill."
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    Today's pro version hit a bit too close to home because of what happened to me this morning. imgur.com/a/J4JcpNt[/img] Edit: oh no, I don't know how to post pictures on the new forum
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    I mean, I thought I bought tickets to Middle East Presents Hollywood Handbook Aug 31 7pm @ Sonia in Bah-ston, but now I can't find anything about it on TicketWeb?? It vanished. I don't even see the charges on my account. I hope they didn't yank it. Edit: They yanked it. Just got the email.
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    more jokes at scott aukerman's expense please. more everything at his expense, really, where can I send all these receipts
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    From now on, please put Shareef Abdur-Rahim on your plastic cups. I came perilously close to wasting my 1000th post on this, so maybe spell-check your cups more carefully in the future.
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    Parking Lot Auckerman is meeting with various future Earwoof podcast hosts at coffee shops all over LA wearing his sunglasses the whole time and when they ask him what to do in their show he puts some thought into it rubbing his chin and tells every one of them as if it's the first time he thought of it, "why don't you try segments?" Smash cut to cloud heaven where God Auckerman is wearing his sunglasses the whole time and this pasty white worm with centipede legs is like, "So... I really want to scare women at picnics and on kitchen floors, bathroom sinks and all that, and I feel like the hundred legs thing is really working for me, but uhh... like, I really need something else to make this whole thing pop." God Auckerman rubs his chin and really puts some thought into it.
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    Been meaning to join in conversations but the timing is usually off, and I come to any given episode later than most. All About Eve has been a movie on my catch-up list, and it was great to have this excuse to raise its priority. And I'm so glad I did! What a fantastic example of writing and acting. The insights from the podcast were wonderful as well. The first line of dialogue with George Sanders had me sitting up at attention, but mostly because I immediately heard Sher Khan, and I could not shake that impression throughout the movie. I have entire scenes of Disney movies burned into my memories. Including the delivery of "What a pity" which I'm sure my parents grew tired of quite quickly as I repeated it as a childhood catchphrase for far too long.
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    I think they're getting this because some of the discussion (in Facebook/Twitter) is about what SHOULD be on the AFI list, and people keep bringing up stuff that's shot down because it's not American. So that upsets some people (that these are the AFI's rules) and gets back to Paul that way. Not really his fault, so I hope he doesn't take it as such.
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    We lost Bernie Mac 10 years ago. Here's some really good jokes by him, and also remeber that time when he slaps a surfer on the belly and asks got any wax in Charlie's Angels full throttle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsDN5BHp4NE
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    I really enjoyed this movie, and like Paul, I haven't seen much of Bette Davis save for Baby Jane. The writing here is somewhere between Hemingway and 30 Rock (as I type this, the Tina Fey clip just started playing, so that's awesome). Every line reveals and exposits something about the speaker. The dialogue is biting, witty, and full of puns and double entendre and metaphor. I had to watch the first 45 minutes over because I had started it in the background and realized I was lost because I wasn't paying much attention to what folks were saying, and once I closed the laptop I got totally absorbed purely by what they were saying. I really think the writing and acting saves it, though. Next to "That was a great line," the thought I kept having the most throughout the movie is "This is great, but is it Top 100 great?" It's one of those movies that, to me, would feel more at home on the stage. Some of the cinematography feels a bit clunky, like when Addison (?) follows Eve into a room and then talks to her from 50 feet away while she's obscured by the wall of the room she just entered. Maybe that's supposed to be a symbolic shot, but the oddity of the composition was distracting at times. But again, I really dug it and was surprised how relevant it still is (as I have been by several of the movies covered by this podcast). And I think I'm in love to Bette Davis now.
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    Lol! Yup, Paul’s on your side! (I lol’d) I guess my problem with Eve is just how Machiavellian she is. From the moment she’s introduced, she’s kind of waging this subtle war of attrition on Margo’s ego. Amy brought up a couple of instances in the podcast, but the one that stuck out to me is when Eve is given one of Margo’s suits and says something like “It fits almost perfectly. It just needed a little taking in here and letting out there.” On the surface, it sounds innocent enough, but it’s clear what she’s really saying. Then, on top of that, she goes for Bill - the hot director. When that doesn’t work out, she goes for Lloyd - the hot writer. She’s doesn’t want them because she loves them, she wants them for what she can get from them. Everything about Eve is a lie. A fact even more glaring when you compare her to Margo whose big break came from a place of innocence (4-years-old) and truth (literally baring herself to the audience). I can totally buy Eve as a sympathetic character but she’s definitely the villain.
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    Why are people giving Paul crap about not emphasizing that these are “American” films? It’s the AMERICAN Film Institute! It’s literally the name of the organization. It would be like saying, “We are here at the Cheesecake Appreciation Society where we’re going to be discussing the best cakes ever made. And when I say ‘cake,’ I just want to clarify that I specifically mean ‘cheesecake’ and not carrot.” Please, let’s not give our hosts a hard time over this
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