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    I hope you all will subscribe to Paul's new show on Stitcher Premium! (Shout out to my BF for making this for my BFF, "that girl" with the question; I was sitting next to her! )
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    Hey Paul. I have a really serious question.. Why does Halle want to solve this murder and draw more attention to it by writing a huge exposé? As the murderer, wouldn’t she want it to just slip through the cracks??? Sure you could assume she wants to pin it on Harrison Hill to really protect herself, but for all we know, the ONLY piece of evidence that eventually links her to the murder is that she previously visited the wife’s photography site. No cop is ever considering her and Halle was even told by Grace that she and her ex were recently doing “more fighting then fucking.” So Halle should just give that nugget to the cops and be on her way. Case closed. PS: Besides Bruce and Halle previously being in other HDTGM films, so to was the Rebook account. That was also the big get for the ad agency in “On the Line.” (The lance bass film... ha.)
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    Subtext of that interview between Bruce and Halle is that he moved out of his house next to hers prematurely so she couldn't keep pressuring him into appearing in any more terrible movies with her.
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    There is a storyline in this movie that is more important and interesting than just Grace’s death. About ½ way into the movie, Chobani Ribisi mentions that there is a drifter murdering women and throwing them in the river. The plot point that Grace might be one of these victims, I believe, is meant to excuse the total lack of police in this movie. But, in a throwaway line, he also says that the drifter was never caught. Therefore, I submit that Chobani is this serial killer. Fast forward to the gross jerk shack scene. Chobani has files on several different girls on his desktop. They have names, ages, and dates next to them and pictures of what Rowena describes as “leather and shit.” Consider these photo the “souvenirs” he keeps from his victims and the dates are significant in either the day he met them or the day he killed them.Take the real creep factor, a rough sexual preference, alcoholism, the fact we have no idea what he does at night, and his ability to lure women in on-line and, in the film world, he fits the generally accepted profile of a serial killer. Also, if this scenario is accepted, Grace was his next victim and Rowena beat him to it, which I thought would have been an interesting twist. Finally, unrelated, who was taking the pictures of Chobani and Grace when they were rolling around on the couch? Some of those pictures were rather close, so who is the creep getting right up in there?
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    I'm sorry that I've completely lost all ability to join in on these conversations, y'all. Apparently getting myself to pay attention to anything after work is near impossible.
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    Yeah, but even after that she's able to watch TV from across the room with no problem. I think Rocky is like E.T., in that he has healing powers to magically cure nearsightedness.
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    That's interesting, and something I've been thinking about in all our movies lately. Wasn't Taxi Driver also written one way first, but due to limitations or luck or whatever, it ended up being another (far far better) way? (I'm about to sleep, can't recall the specifics right now.) These sort of coincidences of fortune seem to come up often in these AFI films. So are great movies just a product of luck? Or like, a function of a good director/writer who can notice and adapt? I mean, all along the way of Rocky, it could have fallen apart/been far less great so so so easily, but they continually got to go with the flow in ways that really help it (from minor things like the robe fitting to this scene with Adrian, etc.).
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    I could be reading too much into things, but I thought although Adrian was nervous, she didn't necessarily want to leave Rocky's apartment either. It's this little moment where Rocky has his arms on both sides of her and she sort of checks out his forearm: So sorry about the huge pic (and the odd screen grab), but I thought it was kind of hot. After they get down to the floor (and I instantly wanted to bleach the doorway), Adrian lets out a moan and I thought again, hot. Anyway, I didn't believe for a second that Rocky would have it in him to hold her against her will. I think he liked her too much. Also, Amazon trivia says that this scene wasn't shot the way it was originally scripted. Talia had the flu and was worried about giving it to Stallone, so she was very hesitant to kiss him. Her hesitation was reported a big improvement over the actual scripted scene that they kept it. Stallone said this is his favorite scene in the entire Rocky saga and both he and Talia Shire see the scene as a "birth-scene" for Adrian, where she is awakened to a new life.
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    What struck as a bit odd about the ending is that a few scenes earlier Florence gives this speech to Cosme about when she first started seeing St Clair and she hid bad reviews from him. Yet when he does it for her, and let's face it all the signs were there that's what he was doing, she goes and does it anyway. Dramatic licensing I'm sure, but having her talk about it the day before it happens just seemed like an odd choice to me.
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    And I’m fine with artistic license, but it should serve a greater theme. Something I think FFJ tries to do, but doesn’t really nail. It might be a bit cliche, but I think I would have started the movie with her recital for President Hayes. It would show how much true promise she truly had, and how that promise got taken away from her. This way, playing Carnegie at the end would feel like a more impactful moment than just enabling the delusions of a wealthy socialite.
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    OK, I'm not going to bring this up on the reddits, but do you get the sneaking suspicion that this whole Pee Cast/HH thing was a set-up? I may have my order wrong because I have no sense of time: Step 1. (REAL) Sean throws a jab at "Parking Lot Scott" just off the cuff, but it starts taking off online and weed-fueled "producer" Chef Kevin gets an idea to stoke the fires... Step 2. (FAKE) The boys bitch about Pee Cast Blast and make a big deal about it, the fans go wild. "Fuck the Doughboys" becomes a thing. Step 3. (FAKE) Scott comes on the show and confronts them about Parking Lot Scott as if he's irritated about it, also the boys bitch about Pee Cast Blast to him. In truth he already knows all about Parking Lot Scott. Step 4. (REAL) The HH fans go into a frothy madness online and Scott acts annoyed, but it actually raises awareness about Pee Cast so of course he is loving it. Step 5. (FAKE) Scott throws a jab about "the worst podcast audience" (HH) on CBB to further fuel the fire. Step 6. (REAL) BIG REVEAL - The Boys will be on Pee Cast WITH the Doughboys! Step 7. (FAKE) Scott pretends to be annoyed and says he "shadowbanned" them from Pee Cast, but in reality he's promoting Pee Cast again and The Boys. And there you have it. The machinations of one Chef Kevin laid out before you. See the boys are too cool to scheme this much because that takes effort and effort isn't cool; it takes a Kevin to do the dirty work. Whatchu think?
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    Oh, I’m including that in the second “run.” I guess I should have really said the “Gonna Fly Now” scene. I just meant there’s not a lot of time devoted to training in the movie at all. Like Cam Bert said, the other movies are more about the “fight,” so the training is more center stage. The fight isn’t really the point of Rocky.
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    If we're taking the description of how hard Drago's punches are in Rocky IV completely literally, Rocky should probably have been decapitated by now.
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    Yea no need to apologize for having a life
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    First interaction between Hill and Rowena: Hill: "Boo" Rowena: Surprised, she jumps up, turns, and grabs at her chest. She giggles while she tries to catch her breath. Hill: "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." You slithered up behind her and without prompting, said "Boo." If you weren't trying to scare her, then what exactly were you trying to do?
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    No apologies necessary Life gets in the way. We all know we all need to pop in and out from time to time.
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    He specifically says he didn’t get married because of her. I *think* he’s supposed to be quite a bit older than her. At least, he tells her he “raised” her at one point. I think their parents died when she was pretty young and he took care of her and there’s a lot of resentment. He blames her, like he blames everyone, for his shitty lot in life. My only problem with this as I feel like Rocky says at one point he and Paulie “grew up together.” But we also know both Rocky and Adrian are ~30, so who knows. I don’t think we learn much more about Paulie in the sequels except for he’s a chronic leech and disaster waiting to happen.
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    The fact that it is the second most popular Christmas song in Japan drives me a little more insane each year.
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    I agree with this. They work for each other and I think Rocky's intentions are good. Just look at everything leading up to Thanksgiving dinner. He is constantly checking with Paulie that everything is all right and that Adrienne is aware he's coming and all that. He cares about her and realizes that she's shy and doesn't want to push it. We see him practicing the joke he wants to tell her because he wants to impress her. There so many little things like that that point to, while on paper a big strong guy like him shouldn't have problems with women he is looking for that missing piece. When he meets Adrienne he sees a woman who is the bits he's lacking. He's a rambler, she's quiet and listens. He acts, she thinks. This ultimately leads to the apartment scene. While him holding the door shut did make me a little side eye it, I firmly believe that if she turned away from the kiss he would have stopped. He's never that aggressive with her prior or in the rest of movie and they do seem to really love each other. So while in the moment it seems a little strong when looked at he whole I feel okay with it. Also, not sure if it was intended or not but I like the fact that he shows her his turtles. She quickly acknowledges that she knows because she's the one that sold them to him. However, I read this more as hi saying to her "Look around, am the kind of guy that keeps turtles?" where he is showing her that basically he got the turtles as a way of getting to know her and talk to her.
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    Nah this isn't proof of that. It's proof of social awkardness. It's proof of nerves. It's proof of inexperience, selfishness, a clueless man, a babbling moron. I don't believe it to be a sign of a monster. I get the "she wanted to leave and he kept at her" point, but not this. This is what I meant when I said I thought their weird date felt real to me. It was two socially awkward people having an awkward time, and I don't think we should judge him as if he were some lothario / typical leading man type. Would it make sense at all if Rocky was a total gentleman and wooed her with flowers and intellect? No, he'd talk too much and try to kiss her and tell her to spend the night. I probably shouldn't keep on this, because I support men changing their behavior, 100%. I'm not coming from it from the wrong side. But if we start pulling social awkardness into this, I dunno. *shrug*
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    Their date really came across as almost monstrous to me this viewing. I know it's supposed to convey Adrian just being an incredibly shy introvert that Rocky's natural bonhomie wins her over. But he doesn't have a phone, no one will hear her scream, he takes off clothes immediately, he locks her in, he slams his muscular arm against the wall to keep her in, his apartment is disgusting. In any other movie, this would end in sexual assault.
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    I like this description! I'm still listening to the episode right now, but Paul & Amy keep saying stuff that I hinted at in my longish Letterboxd note about the movie, from it not being so triumphant to the lack of "Hollywood" in it. I called it an early 'mumblecore' movie. I really like the realism, from the dirty streets and the dark apartments and train sounds and toilet flushes and even the weird date (I see Amy's flaws in it, but it also feels like how a real guy with no experience would pursue someone - clueless and selfish and inconsiderate). There is no 'gloss' on this movie, and that's kind of cool. I won't pretend to be a giant fan of Rocky, but "kind of cool" is about where I am on it (to piggyback off of grudlian's "kind of feel good movie").
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    Amy's opinions on Creed are technically true but I disagree with her. There's a lot of things that don't hold up to scrutiny or are awfully convenient. But you watch it and it feels right in spite of its logic issues (which is how I'd describe most of the Rocky movies). I'm not sure where Rocky ranks for me on the list. Keep it for sure and probably pretty high. It's just a great watch and it's a weird kind of feel good movie.
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    It was kind of weird that in the movie, Kathleen walks out on St Clair, but Wiki says that St Clair married Kathleen after Florence died. I guess we can chalk it up to artistic license again.
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