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Episode 1 — Cat Ranch Chaos

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Wish there was a fourth cat...


Old-time fans of Marc's Air America show may remember a cat from Marc's past, BUTCH, the (female) French cat.




Butch made regular appearances in "Marc's Dream Diary" http://www.morningse...ive/dreamdiary/


More bits here ... Morning Sedition was the first time I ever heard Eddie Pepitone http://www.morningse....com/msarchive/

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For those who are throwing out the negativity...it's like 5 minutes, it's cute and funny. Seriously, step back and re-evaulate how shitty your life must be that you go around spreading negativity on podcast forums and try to rectify your situation so that you can lead a happy life and spread happiness and positivity instead! :) OR feel free to continually fuck yourself in the skull until your cranium implodes! :D


I also think there should be a 4th cat!! One that is soft-spoken and unsure how to formulate stories. That would be gold!


Love this AND LoShoPo! Rock on. And klondike.

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It's already funny, but isn't the visual for Maron's new show the point? I can see it being hilarious to cut to his cats sitting around his garage recording their own podcast. Plus, Maron fortunately only has 3 cats. It was funny hearing them talk about this on the Long Shot, trying to dance around the fact that even if Maron had 4 cats, they would probably still only write a 3-part scene. I'm just excited as a huuuuge fan of the Long Shot, we are treated to the 3 of them doing their thing without getting slowed down by the immense weight of the immaculata.

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Meh - but I'm not an avid Maron follower, so maybe I "don't get it." I'm thinking it will get better, but is probably not much as a stand alone thing.


I would like to say "for shame" to people attacking Geordie McGrath for just expressing his opinion. WTF? Maybe you feel protective of the Earwolf Cabal or are worried someone's feelings might get hurt? But seriously, is the only acceptable comment is one that says "this is great"? Why bother with a forum, then?

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so what - I got a good laugh at the very idea, the graphic alone and finding out there actually was a 5 minute podcast - which was better than about 69% of the podcasts on here. And you know that too.


5 thumbs up!

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