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This movie, about puppets. Or some lady who turned people into puppets? And some dude trying to figure out why his wife died? I'm not 100% clear what it was supposed to be about.


And the way the characters talk, it's like robots. It's horrible.


Jason would lose his mind at the ending. And especially Donnie Wahlberg shaving in his first two scenes. It's ridiculous.

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What a great pick! James Wan was being hailed for Saw (the first and only decent one in the series) when he did this one. It tried so hard to have that WTF moment at the end like Saw, or the Sixth Sense. But it was so telegraphed and so batshit crazy!


And yes, MAJOR Donnie W acting here. The only real horror in this one is that it got made.

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Yes! The ending is bananas.


There was also a bad music video with the emo band Aiden on the DVD.

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This movie had moments that could have been really cool, like the flashback scene with the ventriloquist show, but other than that I don't understand...much of any of it.


Who the fuck is the main guy? I mean, he and his wife were both from that town? I guess? What the fuck does he do? The movie took zero time in establishing anything for anyone -- some independently wealthy guy who lives in a nice apartment with his girlfriend but can leave for long periods of time back to his home town in his cherry classic muscle car?

  • The police tape up his apartment and the place is pretty wrecked but despite the fact that he is a suspect he can just go home and fuck with everything I guess?
  • Is Donnie Wahlberg the only cop on the force? Why is he some weird amalgam of generic detective cliches?
  • If his hometown is literally bankrupt why are there still people there? Literally no store is open and the town is 100% boarded up except for apparently his family's mansion and the funeral home?
  • Was the goal the entire time to create the "perfect doll"?
  • I think the main character has literally 20 lines of dialogue.
  • What
  • Huh
  • Where?

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Flashback scene with the ventriloquist show was the best scene, I think.


Just watched this recently on Netflix, this is a great bad movie. Not cheesy-but-enjoyable like Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. This is a bad movie in the sense that it's packed to the gills with horror movie cliches and plot holes. Still very enjoyable (in a WTF kind of way).


In searching for reviews on Youtube, I stumbled across some people who actually like this movie, which actually makes sense to me if it's your first horror movie or you don't watch them often and you don't realize how uninspired it is.

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