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Top picks for guest

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Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer need to tag team HDTGM! Zooks was spectacular in the BC "Fattest Asses" ep with Matt Jones, I'm sure they'd get along along really really well with the gang. And it'd be a great opportunity for another looooooooong overdue live NYC show. It just makes too much sense not to happen.

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April Richardson from Go Bayside! She's hilarious, has a great smokey voice (and laugh), and is no stranger to the podcast game.

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Jackie Kashion from the Dork Forrest? She's buddies with Graham Elwood.


I agree with this, I think her dorky insights might be funny.


I would also add Greg Proops, whose movie knowledge is pretty awesome.

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I saw Aziz live last night in San Jose (SO AWESOME) and he said that was the last stop on his tour...just sayin'. I'm pretty sure Paul has said before that it is a goal of theirs to get Aziz on some time, and I would love to see that happen.


That said I agree with people who said David Cross, TJ Miller, and Bruce Campbell. They all seem fun because they have (and this is not a knock on them in any way, I like them all) worked on some bad movies, and they all have good voices for podcasts. Kumail would be fun too I think. I always enjoy him and Pete Holmes on Doug Loves Movies.


Oh, and I just scrolled up to see someone suggested the Broad City gals, they are brilliant and I am behind that too haha

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Another vote for Aziz Ansari and David Cross


Patton Oswalt...this time for a movie he does not think highly of


Bill Hader (partly because of his impressions, but mainly because he's a cinephile)

Kristen Wigg

Amy Poehler (Paul's a part of The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and quite a few past guests are also members, so it seems kind of weird to not having her on the show)

Jason Sudeikis

Taran Killam

Fred Armisen


(Okay, I don't live in the US, so my knowledge of the US comedians is fairly limited and mainly comes from SNL)


Joe Lo Truglio

Martin Starr (love him in NTSF:SD:SUV::; heard him in the Indoor Kid and think he’s going to make a great guest)

Karen Gillan (same reason as above...and because I miss Selfie)

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I would love to get Craig Mazin and John August from Scriptnotes on one of the episodes. They can break down movies like nobody's business.

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Number one pick would be Tom Lennon again!

Aziz and David Cross for my next picks.

Kristen Schall again.


My dream pick would Hannibal Buress reviewing Ghost Dad or Leonard Part 6.

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