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EPISODE 202 — No Joke Thieves Allowed (@FatJew)

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Next, huh? I was guessing Apartment 2F based off who was involved...


I just looked it up Besser was in a couple of episodes as were the other main four UCB members, seems like a weird thing if he felt the show was stolen from him that he and the people he was working with closest at the time would be signing up to be in. I feel like Besser's the kind of guy that would tell them to fuck off if they offered him a part after the fact.


I don't know, it's probably tacky to speculate but that hasn't stopped us before when Matt's been vague about this type of thing.

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I was thinking the show was Buzzkill because of the hidden camera/prank aspect. Also the Chicago connection and Matt mentions moving to New York as this was happening.

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Here is a breakdown of the scenes from this episode.


- Intro Story - @FatJew steals Besser joke – Parents get angry at son for not crediting jokes heard at camp (1:40)

- Let’s Talk Some More About That – Finding out how many calories are burned during masturbation – Burning calories at the gym by masturbating (19:25)

- Let’s Talk Some More About That – Traces of anti-Semitism being allowed when posting hate at his Twitter handle – Searching for The Ugly Jew columnist who writes advice (27:36)

- Let’s Talk Some More About That – Joke-stealer defends himself in interview – Writer who makes rappers uncomfortable during interviews (40:11)

- Let’s Talk Some More About That – If the joke-stealer had a show at UCB - Erin Brockovich has to show top after trying to force someone to drink poison water (50:05)

- Let’s Talk Some More About That – Stealing Besser’s joke word-for-word – Mookie has to admit at school assembly that he had sex with his dog (54:22)

- Let’s Talk Some More About That – Getting credit when not deserved – Ed Sullivan getting credit for Beatles performance (1:06:01)

- Confrontation Corner – TV show doesn’t give credit to co-creator – Mike discusses getting recognition for his contribution to new sitcom (1:10:52)

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