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EPISODE 217 — A i4h Christmas Carol

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I keep coming back to this episode. Honestly I think this was a crowning achievement for I4H. It's just too damn good, especially for the long time listeners.

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I've finally made it to this episode and I have to say that I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I'm sorry if my emphatic enthusiasm is cringey but I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Besser's self awareness with his occasional scroogeyness perfectly set up this whole narrative and everybody was so much fun this time. It was nice to hear people in character be a bit more honest like how Gabrus is annoyingly typecast at casting, or how Scott/Kulap do seem to get preferential treatment at the earwolf store. These things could fuel cynical sincere rants but instead when expressed through good humored characters. It shows that everybody involved are each big enough people to laugh it off rather than be bitter people, even if the parking is terrible.


The callbacks to things like the Pike being a cyborg case closed were great, in general it was really impressive how quirks from previous episodes were used as set-up for jokes in this episode. Everything here was executed so well, including the times where you subvert the tropes like Armen not being that different in his 3 ghost forms, or Besser/Armen using the ghostly vision to perv out on Brett's girlfriend.


Also really got to give credit to Brett, he got pimped out a lot here and rather than let it get to his head he played along minimally. never trying to make the bit about him, even when it was. A vainer person would've said "now it's finally my turn to be the improv star" but instead he played along very well and modestly.


I really needed a laugh and although i4h is often far more blue than I'd prefer (I always worry my earbuds will come out of my phone and the people at the grocery store will hear one of the graphic sex bits) this episode was really funny and genuinely upbeat in a way that really raised my spirits.


Great job!

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