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A farewell message from Adam Sachs, that's me

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Hey everybody,


As most of you are probably aware by now, I’ve decided to step down as the CEO of Midroll Media (and Earwolf). My last official day as CEO was Friday June 10th and I’ve now entered into a period of consulting for the company, to help make the transition smooth. I approached Scripps leadership a few months ago to talk about what a transition plan might look like and together we agreed that the one year mark from the time of acquisition would make the most sense and would allow me to help with the integration of our newest acquisition, Stitcher. For those who are curious about it, an upcoming Wolf Den episode will talk a little more about the thinking behind the Stitcher acquisition.


My decision to move away from the business is a bittersweet one. Being the CEO of Midroll has been the highlight of my professional career. Working with the Earwolf hosts made everyday in the office fun and exciting. It was easy to get out of bed and come into work knowing that the shows we make brighten the days and lives of countless people. It's been an honor to have had even a small role in helping to bring these shows to our listeners. And yet at the same time I’ve spent nearly the past decade running startups (Stepout before Midroll) and I’m ready for a breather. At my core I’m an entrepreneur. I still have the fire in my belly to build businesses and after a break, I’ll be out there again working on something new.


As for Earwolf, it has never been in better shape. Two years ago we didn’t even have a dedicated content team. Today, Chris Bannon and his team represent the largest division of our now 65-person Midroll operation. We care more about content and we’ve invested more in content than ever before and that isn’t going to change. As you (hopefully) know, I’ve been a big champion for Earwolf, its hosts, and its fans and rest assured that whoever replaces me in this seat will be as well. It’s simply a prerequisite for the job. When we do have a new CEO in place, I’m sure that he or she will be properly introduced to you all here too.


I want to extend a hearty thanks to all of you. Earwolf is fortunate to have the best, most loyal fans in the world. Thank you all for listening, for being patient when we try new things, for speculating about our future plans, for holding us to a high standard, for creating a dialogue here in the forums & Reddit & Twitter, for coming out to live shows, for sporting Earwolf gear, for sending us fun, crazy, weird fan art. Thank you for giving a shit. All of you make Earwolf the special place that it is. I have been so proud to be a part of this family and that isn’t going to change. I’m a huge Earwolf fan and I’m not going to stop wearing my Earwolf hoodie around town.


And finally, this news has really hit the Hollywood Handbook guys the hardest. Please send your thoughts and prayers to Sean and Hayes during this difficult time.


Keep in touch!


All the best,


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No, thank you! I mean, would it have been totally sweet if you had said there were 69 people at Midroll instead of 65? Of course it would have -- of COURSE it would have -- but you're a straight shooter, and I technically can't fault you for that. It's also difficult to hear that Hayes and Sean are not taking over Scripps; I suppose the world just isn't ready for that kind of power yet.


All joking a salad, thanks for all you've done, and happy travels!... but please do notify us when your buddy cop movie with Jeff U. is in post.

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Adam, It is truly sad to hear that your stepping down, and I sincerely wish you the best. The content you directly and/or indirectly help create at Earwolf has personally helped me laugh though those rough patches in my life, like unemployment and family strife. I thank you for that, I only wish I could do more.


And as a Handbook Head myself, I will send my thoughts and prayers to Sean and Hayes. I can only hope that your step down gives you more time to join S&H on the mic, as well as on the forums. Would love to see you there more often.



Andrew A. Goll

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Adam, sorry for that one post in the Hollywood Handbook forum that confused you. You'll always have something to remember me by, unlike most people in my life. I love what you've done with the place by the way.

Good luck with everything, and as I always say, KEEP IT CRISPY!



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Sad to see you go. Thanks for all you've done for my entertainment

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