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Episode 142.5 - Minisode 142.5

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Regina Spektor covered While My Guitar Gently Weeps for Kubo and the Two Strings (watching it tomorrow, so excited). It's amazing. Right from the start when you hear the glissando of a koto you know that this is not your father's While My Guitar Gently Weeps cover. The orchestral arrangement is so rich. The inclusion of Eastern music instruments like koto, shamisen (of course), and xiao added a different kind of melancholy to the song. Give it a listen if you like!



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Ryan, I don't know if you knew but that first painting is a riff on a pretty famous piece by American painter Andrew Wyeth, called "Christina's World".




It's actually a favorite of mine, though I've never seen it at MoMA. It creeps me out, it reminds me of a PG-13 horror film called Paper House that gave me nightmares as a kid.

Yeah the theme for the prints were basically horror/sci-fi characters in classic paintings. I can't remember what some of the others were but I found it through a sale on Ript Apparel, but I'm certain that they could be found elsewhere now that sale is long over.

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