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Your First CBB Ep - was it a C+?

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new podcast ritual:

-hear about a podcast

-check out some combination of first/most-recent episodes

-decide it's worth becoming addicted to

-listen to all of it




So for CBB, what were the first episodes you heard—more importantly—what was your reaction, ya know?


Was it a C+ right away? or did it need to grow on you?


F i r s t

I listened to a Bob Odenkirk episode, which is how I found CBB in the first place. But I was surprised to hear a character guest come on after a bit, and just wanted to listen to an interview with Bob Odenkirk haha. Got a bit turned off.


T h e n

I got a friend's recommendation to try out a Fourvel episode—that's when it clicked. "Oh, it's this unique conversation/improv/playful thing. Wow how excellent."


T h e n

I couldn't get enough of the free-range fun of Scott's interviews of characters. So all the Holiday Spectaculars... that's where I was just blown away by the craziness of it all.


N o w

One or two CBB episodes magically download onto a small computer I carry in my pocket every week. It's very nice.



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I'm pretty sure this was my first episode - http://www.earwolf.com/episode/live-from-la-its-comedy-bang-bang/


That's the first one I remember, and the timeline fits, because that would be around when Earwolf started.


I think I started listening weekly at that point, and also listening to some of the back episodes, but I actually still haven't listened to all of them.

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I can't remember which was my first. It was back when Scott talked about Indie 103.1 and the show was called Comedy Death Ray.


I remember I listened to it for about 30 seconds and thought it was dumb.


I used to listen to a ton of podcasts at the time and kept it in the loop when I ran out of other things.


Just grew on me.

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My first one was EPISODE 338 — Be My Guest, Literally. It was a great one to come in on!

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I have no idea which grepisode was my first. I didn't get into comedy podcasts until a year or so ago, and didn't know CBB had one. I started watching the show on IFC when it launched in 2012. Maybe they mentioned it on there and I just missed the nod to the DVR radio.


Considering that I've powered through a lot of the podcast episodes in 12 months, I'd say the first episode I heard must have been a solid C+. If I had to guess, it was something with Nick Kroll.

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First was Zouks and Andy Daly as Dalton Wilcox. My first podcast was How did this get made (big fan of the early seasons of The League which led me to episode one of HDTGM), and that led me to seek out more of this Jason guy's work, which led me to the Cowboy Laureate of the West. Of course, that's a C+ ep.


I'd like to map how I ended up listening to the 20+ podcasts I listen to regularly or semi-regularly. I imagine many of them stem from someone's work on CBB.

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