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Episode 277 - The Revenant Package

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Charlie Sanders, Don Fanelli, and Laura Willcox join Matt Besser to experience a hardcore snow room on this week’s improv4humans! A child services agent has issues with interior design, a congresswoman takes a stand against her own daughter’s artwork, and an author is pressured to hunk up her protagonist. Later, we meet a teacher who gives fish for grades and a couple of spies that can’t fathom a human birth.




277 - Charlie Sanders, Don Fanelli, Laura Willcox



(1:07 - 9:30) What the Fuck is Going On? - The $250,000,000 mansion - Pretending to own a fancy mansion to have a party


(9:37 - 18:32) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Excessive and useless rooms - A couple experiences a Las Vegas snow room’s Revenant Package


(20:52 - 35:03) Twitter Suggestion - "Alternative" - Grunge musician’s bad hair takes away from his intended message


(35:10 - 42:34) Crap on Youtube -”Huey Lewis Groupie" - Child services cares more about the layout of the kitchen than the family dynamic


(44:39 - 53:22) What the Fuck Is Going On? - Student art ignites controversy - Congresswoman takes a stand against her own daughter’s artwork


(53:29 - 1:01:26) Twitter Suggestion - Hunkleberry Finn - Hunking up the kid in your manuscript


(1:01:34 - 1:11:00) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Charlie was Don’s teacher at UCB - a teacher who thinks you either get history or you don’t


(1:11:07 - 1:17:44) Crap on Youtube - "Babe, Something Just Fell Out of Me" - Hillbilly spy refuses to believe she’s giving birth

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Anyone else having trouble downloading this episode? My antenna pod app quits downloading right away. Looks like a good episode, maybe just my phone or app is acting up.


EDIT- All good now, able to download.

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Good episode.


That Runaway Train video always creeped me out when I was a kid. Something about old photos and knowing bad shit probably happened to these people. Once the internet came around, I looked up to see if anything ever resolved from their cases. Some grim stuff, and some happy stuff.



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