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Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

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5 hours ago, Robert Denby said:

We should introduce her to “Manos: The Hands Of Fate.”

Oh I'm very familiar with Manos: The Hand of Fate thanks to Thanksgiving marathons of MST3K. #RIPPeppy! Though maybe dying in the desert was the best way to go in the movie....

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Have you ever been on pain medication and misread your own tattoo? Because *I* have. My tattoo is fulgens stella. Bright star. 

I can't wait to be healed up from my neck injections and back to my normal dosage because wow . 

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I would add something worthwhile to this discussion, but I had to get so stoned to make it through this movie that I barely remember it. And I watched the Mystery Science Theater version.

i remember...bright twinkly lights.

The feeling that the space journeys were very slow and plastic-y. 

Lots of plastic in general.

Being confused as to what everyone was talking about,

Hoping that they kept the set warm for the skimpy outfits.

vaguely thinking that the woman should be kicking ass but it seemed like all the men were saving her. Even the robot did. I dunno, that could just be the pot talking and it’s possible I hallucinated large chunks of this film.

generally being amazed at how terrible all the men’s hair looked.

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