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Dolittle (2020)

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Took my 7 year old to see this and....wow.

Downey’s accent is indecipherable. I caught 20% of his dialogue.  Occillates between Irish, Scottish, English and even Welsh.   Every word seemed to be ADR as well. 

Because of the accent I literally had no idea what the plot was for a good portion of the film.

Banderas plays some sort of Spanish ruler/king and his accent is only slightly more intelligible. Everyone is just doing a bad riff on Jack Sparrow. 

The film takes place in the 19th century yet the animals talk like millennial shitheads and use phrases like “Snitches get stitches.” 

The biggest waste of Jim Broadbwnt ever. 

Dragon enema. 

Zouks as a dragonfly was literally the highlight of the film. 

The last three films I took my son to are Malefecent 2, Rise of Skywalker and Dolittle.  So....movies suck now? 

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I was surprised to see the reviews for this as the biggest common complaint I saw was how only really the youngest of kids might find enjoyment from it, despite the trailers making it seem like a serious-ish film for all ages. Yet considering that Disney released nearly ten films last year that grossed over a billion dollars, I guess they can afford to have one bomb a year.

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Robert Downey should skip the "only doing fucking awful cash grabs" portion of his career that Eddie Murphy went through (and is hopefully finally out with the absolutely amazing My Name is Dolemite) and just be picky about what he wants to do. I cant imagine it was a small amount of money he made from his run on the Marvel movies, I feel like he has a bit more freedom than starring in lazy shit like this. 

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