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A young, white, rich married couple tells the story about how they tried moving to Chicago, but got accosted by a homeless dude at an el stop and were so scared they decide to break their lease and flee to Arizona.



It's really long, so the confrontation starts here:



and reaches a climax here:


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Pastor Jim Colerick Rappin' for Jesus



This seems way too perfect to be real, I can't tell, it really does look like a church video from the 90s.

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I think Matt would love this guy.

A former pot dealer and rapper, Jessie 'Ozone' Sponberg, is and has been an outspoken volunteer and community activist in Portland. He's run for sheriff and mayor, losing both times. There is a massive homeless problem accumulating in Portland. He's spent the last few years helping the homeless and preventing evictions in Portland. He went so far as setting up campsites in his backyard for temporary living for at risk women. He also doesn't hold back any punches. The type of politician Matt likes. This is footage from a city council meeting this past week.



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