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A false flag/pseudo-ops conspiracy theorist in Toronto comes across a traffic accident and decides to "document" it: "(Gravely) This is how Mossad does it. They stage accidents around you."



The first 45 seconds or so is mostly for the visuals/set up which Matt can describe pretty easily


Highlights (apart from the false flags/anti-zionist rhetoric) :

Enters damaged storefront with smoking vehicle in window as owner yells at him in another language (1:20)

Accuses victim and good Samaritan of being Israeli crisis actors (3:00)

Argues with a bystander who took issue with his approaching the victim (3:30)


You can stop watching at 4:13. At that point, he appends the video of the accident he referenced earlier on but it's not interesting in any visual or audio way.

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Watch Alex Jones peddle his magic health squirts and sucking in his gut for his before and after topless pics at 2:25.

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This is an old favorite. Mainly audio, and only 61 seconds. Ought to be perfect.


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Does crap on Vimeo work? This video is so unbelievably pretentious, I kept waiting for the big reveal that it's a parody, but no: it's sincere.

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Nothing funny about cancer but 1) did he get a bigger one and 2) the Korean doctor's first name, seriously?


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