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Newt Gingrich is really puzzled about cell phones.




Baby! I love your BODY!

This is a hippie sex ed(?) video. Any point in the video is just fine.


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This is the second Vlog from a really good youtube person who is a big fan of trains


From 0:00 - 2:00 "The Wrecking Ball" conquers one of his life goals at one of his favorite "Rail-fanning" locations


From 2:00-4:15 We get a comprehensive tour of one of his most prized locations. There are many places to do stuff, one is more scenic than the others.


From 4:16- 6:50 "The Wrecking Ball"basks in the glorious weather of the second day of his spring break as he admires some of the local motor vehicles parked around his humble domicile. He is truly a connoisseur of the motored and the wheeled. Highlights include a Ducati motor cycle, "A Really old car" and "An old ford from the 60's" (music warning at 5:20, might not be air-able)


6:50- End And what's the only way to truly end a day of vloginging out in the beautiful nature? A trip to the best place to get pizza in NJ, Sorrento's


I present "The Wrecking Ball"


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Guys are removed from plane and their cat escapes from its carrier


Gets interesting where I linked the video - Pretext:


This was filmed on a flight to miami in September, 2012


The couple being made to leave were originally asked to move seats so a girl could sit with her family. The couple became hostile with the man in the green shirt for suggesting they should move to help out.

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Background: Two people are convinced that their shitty Halloween toy is possessed. Apparently when you press the button its supposed to sing and dance like any other toy. However, one time they pressed it and it said, "What the hell do you want?"


While a majority of the video is them pressing the button and then talking to it so most can be omitted however, some of the highlights are elucidated below.


Within the first 15 secs it says, "What do you want?" and the people's initial craziness is certainly evident.


At 1:28 and 3:58 normal toy-like behavior can be seen exhibited.


At 2 min they start talking to it.


At 3 min they call it an "Asshole"


At 4:30 they get suspicious


4:30-7:20 is skip-able


7:30- 10:00 is PURE GOLD, things get good, starts saying some different shit. Patty gets scared


10:00 They try to perform and exorcism


10:30-11:30 Shit does get spooky and all of these peoples suspicions are confirmed.


10:45 (Noise warning from this point on as there is a great deal of clattering, however some of what occurs is pretty gold.)


11:30-12:30 Patty knows there's a demon and starts yelling.


12:30-13:30 Jesus is called.


13:30-End The efficacy of the power button is called into question and the saga builds to a dramatic climax, with Stephan pulling the plug and once and for all putting an end to the evil demon decoration.



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This is what happens when you go to youtube and search "Black people see leprechaun"

Pretty much whatever you can expect that would be about



*Features a leprechaun flute

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