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submit youtube clips for improv4humans

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I gotta hear Besser's opinions on noodling!


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It's not great for listeners but it ties to something Matt's discussed/debated before (Sun Kil Moon/Kozelek, GG Allin). You can read the full story here:




but if you want a quick run through


Pop punk band starts playing their last song

Girl gets on stage to take selfie

Singer notices, dropkicks her off the stage

Video gets posted online

Club notices and bans band from performing there again

Dropkicked fan notices online debate/controversy, posts mea culpa and absolves the band (paraphrased: "I was being dumb, I knew the energy of the show, totally understand (and loved it, actually), after I got up, I moshed hard.")

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Video of a video game streamer getting Swatted live.


It starts around 30 seconds in. You can see the cops rush in and handcuff him on camera.

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Also BONUS, this is a recording of an actual Swatting prank call.


This is someone making a call to the police to send a SWAT team to someone as a prank. The actual call starts at about 4 minutes in. (4:10 is the exact time)


Upon listening to this call it looks like there isn't anything that substantial for Improv4humans to listen to or do improv off of but it's related to Swatting and might be an interesting listen.


I'd delete this post but I can't find an option to do so, so I'm just adding that disclaimer that it might not be great to listen to on the podcast.



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A guy at an improv class becomes infuriated over 9/11 joke and storms out.


This seems like the perfect video for this podcast. I haven't listened to all the episodes so I apologize if it's already appeared on it.


In the description, the guy says "educate yourself by reading my essay on limits in comedy: http://yearmankind.t...iscourse-on-the "


I would love to know what Besser thinks of this.

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An amazing bit of local news where a man finds parts of Noah's Ark in his aunts yard. It's produced and delivered straight and Matt would love this. It's basically something Mr. Show would make.


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