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  1. Don't knock it 'til you try it? It's a goddamned door!
  2. Michael Jackson's Thriller - I, Michael Jackson, barely know her.
  3. Mangia Man, Sandy Ravage
  4. BarnHen

    Episode 13 - Sitcom Sidekicks

    DDP tastes like DP. Diamond Dallas Page tastes like Double Penetration. Woooooooof...
  5. Meat, meat, rare filet, around the corner supper's made. Stick my fork into the chop, I can't pull out if you're on top.
  6. It's hard to wrangle a Dwayne that dangles.
  7. Get back, Martha Faulkner, you don't know me like that!
  8. Whatcha think, sausage link?
  9. How's tricks, breadsticks?
  10. What could be greater than a face full of craters?
  11. Deja vu, shame on me. Jamais vu, shame on you.
  12. Dogs go to heaven, southern belle's go to hell
  13. Twerp it up your nerf, grandpa!
  14. Janice's ex said this, "love it to kiss numbers? Dude, you're on to me!"