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  1. The name's Mister Niceguy. Nomar Mister Niceguy.
  2. When you're slidin' into second and you see your parents neckin'. They didn't see ya.
  3. I date Shavey Dave for his signature wavy fade
  4. Gravy Dave just dug his own Davy Grave.
  5. Waiter, could I get the extra whap of stank I ordered, please?
  6. If you wanna wrangle my dangle, you better play me the Bangles.
  7. Please come take back your cats. I'm really allergic.
  8. I can pee without pooping, but I can't poop without looking.
  9. It fell on deaf ears. Blood was everywhere.
  10. Knock on wood. It's been four hours, I better call the doc about these boner pills.
  11. If coral reef was kobe beef, the ocean would be reef broth.
  12. Tic-Tac, Cert attack, give bad breath the bone!
  13. Up top, on the side, down low, dumb hoe.
  14. Back off guy, I know A LOT of entrepreneurs!
  15. Dictator? Please, call me Penis Potato.